Quantum Emergence Theory

in science •  5 months ago

There's a new kid on the block! I don't think Michio Kaku and String Theory are going to be too pleased about it.
Science is looking for a TOE (theory of everything). This is the new contender. It's certainly interesting as far as I can understand it but it definitely sounds more like philosophical metaphysical speculation than empiricism; which is fine if this is the position of the theorizers.
Generally, it makes me nervous when anyone uses quantum or free will within a spiritual inquiry or context--woo-woo isn't too far away from what I can tell when that happens. Now true, some will accuse my beliefs as woo-woo and I wouldn't bother arguing as I don't try to assert Gnosticism as a matter of fact--it's spiritual speculation--at least the way I frame it. What The Bleep and Thrive, in contrast, plied their wares as matter of fact. The Gnosticism I adhere to is a religious belief and I find it a congruent and coherent version of western theism--whether it's true or not is wholly a different matter.

Interestingly enough, this new physics aligns quite nicely with my, Tallomite, idea which I'll link below.

It certainly would be cool if consciousness preceded matter! It certainly would be cool if nihilism wasn't universal. It's certainly cool how they're​ marketing this via slick video production. But is it science?



And here is a link to a general overview of the theory:


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