Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Brain

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If your body is a car then your heart is the car's engine. And the car driver is the brain. The driver like the car, goes to the speed, how much speed can you control everything, just like what you will do, and what your body will control by controlling the internal activities of your body. Again this is the brain of countless memories . The World Health Organization (WHO) has said, some daily habits that may seem very normal in the eyes, but they are causing severe damage to the brain. What is terrible, is not it?

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Then let's know about those wrong practices.

Leave breakfast in the morning


The most important of the day's meals is breakfast. The nutritional needs of the body and the brain are high in the morning after sleeping. But it can be seen that many children wake up early in the morning to run in school or college. It does not have time for breakfast, and sometimes it does not want to eat at that time. Whatever the reason it should not be at all. If you do not have a regular breakfast, the body goes down to Sugar level, which is called **'Hypoglycemia'** in medical science. It also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, blood pressure increase, migraine etc.

Taking extra food

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As it is said, everything has a specific limit. In violation of that limit, interest can be reversed. It also applies to food. Additional eating habits spoil the elasticity of the blood vessels of the brain. Extra feeding can cause brain damage as well as strengthen our arteries, resulting in cardiovascular disease and mental strength decreases.

Take extra sugar

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Sugar is necessary for body but it is harmful if excessive acceptance. Excessive sugar intake habit will be abandoned. Sugar is used every day for food. But due to the use of excess sugar, our body lacks nutrients and protein. Much more sugar intake reduces the body's ability to absorb the body's protein and nutrient absorption. Because of which the neuronation of the brain and the growth of the cell stops, the brain does not improve. This can have a big impact on our brain. So the quantity of sugar must be reduced.


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We all know that smokers are harmful for health. The biggest harmful aspect of this is that it narrow the brain. It is believed that many more Alzheimer's Diseases are responsible for the endemic diseases.

In addition to nicotine in cigarettes there are more than 7000 toxic chemicals. When you smoke, nicotine in cigarette copper mixed with blood very quickly and it reaches within 10 seconds in the brain. Additional nicotine receptors are made in the brain for this large amount of nicotine content. For this reason, they become accustomed to taking nicotine, so later it is not easy to quit smoking for you. Nicotine also causes adrenalin emission hormones, leading to heart rate increase due to obstruction of blood flow to the heart. Again, nicotine prevents insulin hormone emission, so that glucose levels increase in body diabetes.


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A common practice of the current generation is to wake up night without reason. It is expedient to wake up in the night for some reason and to sleep in the day but should not be completely deprived of sleep. Because it is very harmful for the brain. Sleep is one of the basic needs of human body. Lack of adequate sleep will destroy your brain cell or neuron. As a result, there is disruption of memory, coordination and attention. It is also related to chronic problems like diabetes, obesity, depression and heart disease. It also has a great effect on behavior - the mood becomes irritated. Average need to sleep at least 8 hours daily on average.

Getting the Head cover during sleep


Should not cover the head with a blanket, blanket or anything else while sleeping. It needs to be taken again by the breathing air so that the concentration of carbon dioxide is intense. As a result, there is not enough oxygen available in the brain. Again, there should not be a tight caps on the head for long, it causes disruption of blood flow to the brain.

Using Cell Phone

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One study found that mobile phones related to brain cancer are related. The radiation that radiates from electronic devices is harmful for our brain. While talking on a mobile phone for a long time, use the earphone or speaker . Another important thing is that many sleep during the night while keeping a pillow near the pillow. This habit certainly must be abandoned.

During the illness, press the brain

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When you are ill, you should rest your brain with a temporary work or temporary break from study. Otherwise, additional pressure during illness can reduce the efficiency of the brain. As a result, Brein's long-term serious damage.

Taking regular sleeping medicines

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Many people sleep to sleep for sleeping. But in many cases it is a practice. Adults taking regular sleeping medicines can have adverse effects on the brain. One study found that adult people are more likely to be infected with their dementia if they are consuming sleeping pills more than three months in a row.

Apart from this, parasomnia may be due to sleep medicine so that the human brain becomes subconscious, that is, people are in a no-sleeping state of awakening. It is often seen walking between sleep walk or sleep.


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A study from the University of Michigan has found that speaking at least 10 minutes daily increases mental skills. You can get some self-centered or introversion, but that's why the communication should not be separated from the corner of the house, it damages the brain. So talk to your friends, relatives or family members for a while.

The more intellectual discussions it will take part in, the constructive criticism of any part will try to break the argument that it will be useful to increase the normal efficiency of the brain.

Lazy brain

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In the words, "lazy brain satanic factory." Not only is the brain spreading to the brain, but it is also harmful for the brain. The more used any machine, the more active and functional it is. The matter is also applicable to the brain. It is very important to think about the neuron's revival. The more creative you can concentrate on, the more stimulated your brain cell will be. Can be more efficient and attentive to any work Anxious brain gradually destroys the functioning of the brain.

After knowing the harmful effects of these daily habits on your brain, you must exclude them from today. You do not need to ask or complain about it. Because, with the brain, people can think of a lot of beautiful, innovative thinking of the world, can have memories of the past moments, who believe that even a slight loss of the brain, is there any fool in the world?


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