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Hello my dear friends I hope you are excellent today. It is essential to remember that in spite of all those adversities that we go through throughout our lives (we always have the duty to smile simply because every second is a divine gift from heaven) we do not waste time in the banalities that the world offers us life is passed in the blink of an eye we must enjoy the moment and be happy.

In the morning today I decided to portray a phenomenon that goes unnoticed mostly to the human eye or that perhaps if you perceive is not given the importance and value it has, without this the natural cycle of life gone.

It is a physical-meteorological phenomenon in which the humidity of the air condenses in the form of drops due to the abrupt decrease in temperature, or contact with cold surfaces. There is talk of dew in general when it comes to condensation on a surface, usually on the ground cover of the soil.



Photography 1.Drops

Normally it happens in the nights of calm and clear weather, when the cold of the ground is transmitted to the air. The opposite physical process is called evaporation.


Photograph 2. Sun color

In how many verses have you used the drop of dew on the petals of a flower, to invoke tenderness or natural beauty.

Morning dew,
of drops is your body,
in transparent waist you shape your hips,
attractive beauty in flowers,
Pillow in a restless cold.
Escapes from my hands,
you fall in drops of water
radiant woman of tomorrow,
you are the dew that in
in my new day,
you are waking up from my warm hands,
the drops on my face fall
in search of your kisses,
prodigious love,
I'm glad to wake up in your bed,
awaken your fresh laugh,
Listen to your voice on my pillow


The photographs are my responsibility, taken from a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Gt 18200.



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lovely poem. I do enjoy your posts 😊😊😊

Thank you very much, your publications also I love are very informative and interesting increase every day more my love for the marine world. THANKS FOR YOUR PUBLICATIONS !!!

thank you! You are too kind. I am hoping to write some posts in Spanish over the next two months whilst I study Spanish in Columbia. Feel free to let me know how my Spanish is 😜😜😜