Eclipses - Magnificence & Mystery

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A total eclipse of the Sun is perhaps the greatest cosmic spectacle anyone can experience in their lifetime.

ecliplse 726x540.jpg

That is, of course, other than the great daily cosmic spectacle of the Sun rising, arching overhead and setting, with the attendant splays of colors, and of course the nighttime stellar masterpiece as its ruler the Moon ebbs and flows through its cycles. People hardly notice such magnificent gifts of Nature anymore.

It is an amazing "coincidence" that the Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon and 400 times further away, providing these special eclipse events.

That is but one item on the list of amazing coincidences related to the Sun-Moon-Earth relationship.

The geometric relationship of the Earth and the Moon provides us the alchemical solution for squaring the circle, the 3-4-5 Pythagorean triangle, and the slope angles of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Pyramid, Earth & Moon Geometry-sm.jpg

The rising and setting Sun moves along the horizon from Solstice to Solstice each year, providing the shortest and longest days of the year, with the Equinoxes in the middle, when the Sun rises due East, with day and night equal.

There is a minor variation in rising position of about 1/4 degree per year, moving North for 3 years till the 4th year where it returns to approximately the original position, providing 366 days - the Leap Year! In 33 years the Sun returns to its precise starting position, hence the relationship of the number 33 to the Sun.

The Moon however moves differently. It rises and sets on both sides of the Solstice positions of the Sun, in a cycle that takes 18.6 years to complete.

Chaco Canyon Anasazi ruins are sprawled across the desert marking the 18.6 year cycle constructed into the architectural layout, as discovered and mapped by The Solstice Project

chaco lunar 18 years.PNG

The importance of this cycle to the ancients can be seen elsewhere such as at Chimney Rock, Colorado.

At Stonehenge, the geometric harmony of Sun and Moon cycles are interwoven in the megalithic temple in a manner unique to its latitude:

The 18.6 year cycles is also found many other places around the globe, such as in the layout of the Kabbah at Mecca:

The orbit of the Moon, as it goes through it's cycle from Full to New, is tilted at an angle of 5.14 degrees to that of the ecliptic, the plane of Earth's orbit around the Sun. The two places where the Moon's orbit crosses the ecliptic are called its nodes.

These nodes have been considered by ancient peoples as the head and tail of a giant cosmic dragon, which swallowed the Sun or Moon during an eclipse. The nodes are called Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astronomy.

When the complex interweavings of the lunar cycle align the new and full Moons within 18 degrees of the nodes either a solar or lunar eclipse occurs, being total when the alignment is exact.

There are various eclipse cycles occurring over time, the main one called the Saros Cycle, which is the result of a natural harmony between these three lunar cycle aspects:

Synodic Month (New to New ) = 29.530589 days = 29d 12h 44m 03s
Anomalistic Month (perigee to perigee) = 27.554550 days = 27d 13h 18m 33s
Draconic Month (node to node) = 27.212221 days = 27d 05h 05m 36s

We can visualize the patterns in various ways to give us an idea of how this all fits together.


Many cultures had myths and superstitions about the eclipses. India had the demonic Ranu and Ketu. Viewing them as detrimental, they stayed out of eclipses, doing no yoga, eating, or beginning any new project during that period of time before, during and after. The Navajo of America also stay inside during an eclipse, again not eating or undertaking any activities. The Vikings imagined a pair of celestial wolves chasing the Sun and Moon, and when they caught one an eclipse would occur. Africans in Togo and Benin saw it as a time of the Sun and Moon fighting, and they encourage them to stop. So for them it is a time of reconciliation.

But were all of the "superstitions" really just mere imaginations of simpler times, or were they based on inner sensations of what is occuring? Perhaps there is more happening at a subtle level.

The work of Lili Kolisko gives one pause to wonder. Kolisko performed four decades (1920s-60s) of crystallization experiments with metallic salts in relation to planetary positions and relationships. Rudolf Steiner tasked her with physically describing a link as considered in alchemy between the noble metals and the 'planets' of old (the luminaries); Sun-gold, Moon-silver, Venus-gold, Mars-iron, Jupiter-tin, Saturn-lead.

7 planets week 1-sm2.png

For example she would dissolve gold chloride in aqua regia and take a 10x10cm or so square of blotter paper rolled into a cylinder and place it vertically into a petri dish with the solution; she would do this during various geocentrically-observed cosmic events (planetary relationships of angles of 15 degrees and multiples thereof) and watch the crystal-forming patterns as they rose contra-gravity.

kolisko exp details_sm.png

Kolisko performed many thousands of these experiments over the decades, but one prime example, and pertinent to our discussion here, is that gold crystallizes imperfectly during solar eclipses, when the moon blocks the sun.


Foucault’s Pendulum is said to demonstrate that a pendulum of sufficient proportions can track the rotation of Earth. This was first exhibited in the middle of the 19th Century and is a fixture at many museums around the world.
Maurice Allais, in his testing of Foucault’s pendulum effects, discovered that during a solar eclipse the pendulum is deviated for the period of the eclipse.

“During the total eclipses of the sun on June 30, 1954, and October 22, 1959, quite analogous deviations of the plane of oscillation of the paraconical pendulum were observed...” ~ Maurice Allais, 1988 Nobel lecture

This mysterious and so-far unexplained effect has been reproduced in further experiments at Jassy University, Romania on Feb 15, 1961 and elsewhere:

William Wallace Campbell, director of Lick Observatory early last century, performed experiments during solar eclipses which failed to prove Einstein's relativity theory. Whilst there are various historical and scientific perspectives on this, it is interesting to note how such cosmic events are viewed as being able to provide answers to profound questions about the nature of reality.

william wallace campbell eclipse relativity telegrams.jpg.jpg

So whether one chooses use such grand cosmic spectacles for science, for a reason to party, simply to experience such a rare and beautiful phenomenon, or to stay inside and focus on internal direction while the great cosmic beings sort their relations outside, there is no doubt that we have been provided front row seats to a totally amazing universe if we but lift our heads.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas and expanded your mind in the process!

~ Alkemix


Some references for further reading:’ts-eclipse/



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Government warns power surge directly following eclipse may knockout power grid, cell phones

"Another issue has to do with cell phone usage [...] your cell phones aren't going to work -- so they are actually bringing in cell phone towers."

"This Total Eclipse occurs not only in the Sun's home sign, making its influence especially strong, imparting strength and confidence, but it also imbues and radiates the energetics of exceptionally significant stars. It impels us to live in the confidence and nobleness of the Lion, to live true to our soul's promise, to break trail into new vistas of consciousness and human experience, and to visualize and coalesce a new reality for our lives."

solar ecliplse aug 21, 2017 lunar planner.jpg


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I love your introduction so much. It's so beautifully putted and so true. I love those 2 pictures or solar eclipses.

I already knew about the fact that Stonehenge keep track on this 18.6 years cycle of the moon which is a very interesting fact.

Thank you for your kind words @teamsteem!

Yes, the 18.6 year cycle is most fascinating, something I never learned when you. And amazing how the ancients not only knew about it, but were able to engineer it into their enigmatic structures.

Chaco Canyon is amazing in itself, with some 100,000,000 cut sandstone blocks and 250,000 trees of unknown exact origins all used to construct the major houses there, not even counting the outliers. The masonry varies, but some is impeccable. Interesting that they were built about the same time as the Gothic cathedrals in Europe, which were also built to connect earth and cosmos.

The Virgo Cathedrals of Northern France


I've watched a whole documentary on Chaco Canyon. It was mindblowing.

I've never heard about what the Virgo Cathedrals of Northern France. The article looks interesting. I'll have a look later.

Was that The Mystery of Chaco Canyon?

Fascinating doco, if not let me know, I missed something :)

I came across Anna Sofaer's work around the time I was able to do a couple sojourns to Chaco, circa 1990, just some papers at the time. Wasn't till I saw the doco years later that I grasped the extent of the 18.6 year lunar calendar embedded in the landscape design and architecture.

In the mid-1970s I read a book Mystery of Chartres Cathedral by Louis Charpentier, or Louie the Carpenter as I'd refer to him, which showed the Virgo / Notre Dame relationships. So nice to have the net to look these things up these days.

Here's a slide I'm working on for some planned workshops, the Virgo / Notre Dame images are scanned from my old paperback of Charpentier's work.

virgo notre dame cathedrals.PNG

And the area of Virgo in the cosmos is most interesting, containing several direct challenges to standard cosmology. An upcoming post will discuss some of this:

anisotropy virgo alignment.PNG


reference link:


The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

Yup. That's the one I saw.

And just to blow your mind a bit more, just for fun.

The Paleolithic cave paintings are actually star maps. The work of Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez is brilliant, a documentary is around, if somewhat hard to find:

As you can see from this picture in the upper left of this slide, which was taken from that documentary, the solstices and equinoxes are mapped into these bulls.

Lascaux alignments.PNG

This is deep in Lascaux cave, the bull on the left is moulting, the one on the right is erect, their eyes mark the Summer and Winter Solstice Sun risings on the horizon, the tails are intertwined marking the Equinox rising. The Winter rising on the right signals movement towards the Spring and Summer, the one on the left, the Summer Solstice rising, signals moving towards the Autumn and Winter.

What is most fascinating is that this is the exact alignment point if the cave were transparent! So how did these supposedly primitive 'cavemen', scrawling masterpieces of art on cave walls as magic to catch them, or whatever the current guesswork claims, figure out these alignments through the cave walls? Much more to the story, as there are many caves involved.

and this:

I knew these drawings marked some celestial bodies. I kind of know a lot of this stuff. I didn't remember specifically about what they represented so that is nice to remember this now.

I know so many landmarks from the prehistoric world do represent some celestial bodies.

I've also seen very compelling evidences about how a lot of cave paintings represented psychedelic experiences. Here's a short primer on this.

I've pondered if the higher order neurotransmitters, as we'll call them, allowed them to see the cosmic courses and alignments, and possibly even through the cave walls for that phase. Which seems silly in our discursive state of consciousness, but what do we really know when faced with these enigmas.
Rudolf Steiner said that wisdom and knowledge came from the stars, and I believe he meant the structures as they appear from Earth, hence the "anthro"posophy.

Los regalos de la naturaleza

¡Sí, somos tan bendecidos!

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An eclipse is when the Moon is aligned with the Sun. Platinum resonates with this alignment like no other metal. It was birthed from the existence of this event in our experience and is manifest now and throughout time for us to reflect upon and utilize.
To those who are scientifically savvy, you know just how profound the characteristics of platinum group metals can be when influenced to exist in their sovereign and monoatomic state. The capacity to bend energy around itself, to influence gravity and time. Platinum and the elements grouped with it on the periodic table are metals that correspond to our divine states as consciousness.

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