Quantum Entanglement Identified as the Source of Gravity

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For Einstein, the central problem of the Quanta, was that they could be entangled and therefor function as a unified Whole across limitless distances of space and time. Violating a fundamental principal of general relativity theory: the constancy and finiteness of the speed of light in a vacuum. To Einstein and his coauthors Rosen & Podolsky this so called “Spooky action at a distance” phenomenon, could not fit with General Relativity. For if it were true, then relativity must be wrong... In physics we call this the EPR paradox.

and when the Alain Aspect entanglement experiments of the 1970s demonstrated that Einstein was wrong, (about that aspect anyway) physics began its search for a reformulation of General Relativity Theory, to rectify it, ever since… Enter String Theory, Loop Quantum Gravity, and the like…

This is THE crisis in physics right now, and there is an overall sense that we are on the verge of a major breaking point within the field. Just like the discovery of Quantum Mechanics brought about the advent of radio, television, cathode ray tubes, the transistor, solid state electronics, computers, etc. this new discovery promises to usher in yet another golden age of technologies beyond our wildest dreams. Only science fiction has remotely come close to predicting it.
We are about to nail down gravity with an exact theory of what physics really is and this is going to open up all kinds of new doors for technology.

At the fundamental level of physics, all matter in the known universe is simply bundles of vertices tied together in these entangled knots, which communicate through a massive web of constant information exchange. Like a giant entangled thread which binds all the universe together. According new theories of physics "antimatter" is actually the reverse opposite of these loops or knots, it terminates the ends of the thread so to speak. So by exploiting this quantum disentangling property of antimatter, surrounding the surface of an object with negative energy states, we can theoretically disentangle regions of space-time, thereby reducing, negating, or reversing the effects of gravity, which modern science is now realizing is itself just a function of quantum entanglement.

So point blank: If quantum entanglement holds the key to quantum gravity, the best way to test that theory is to shut off quantum entanglement and see what happens to gravity. And that’s exactly what we are planning to do, and we now have a working theoretical basis on which to build and achieve it.

Stay tuned! Video and Experiments Coming Soon!







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Anti gravity technology would be so awesome.
What speed do you think gravity travels?

it travels at the speed of light......

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This has by the way been experimentally proved less than two months ago :)

any good links on that?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The neutron star merger event observed by LIGO/Virgo.

In short, the EM wave associated with the gamma ray burst that happened 1.7 second after the merging and the gravitational wave associated with the merging have both been detected. As a result, one has been able to derive the speed of propagation of the gravitational waves. It is the speed of light.

The error (quoted in terms of the time taken for the propagation) corresponds roughly to a second on a trip that lasted 130 millions years. In short, the error is negligible.

I don't have the article under my hand (I was about to go to bed), but probably the virgo or ligo website should work. If not, please remind me tomorrow on the chat :)

alright, thanks

Many people have misinterpreted what the LIGO/Virgo experiments actually tell us... Some even think that the "Gravity Waves" we detected were "gravitons"... XD. Quantum entanglement travels faster than light.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Quantum entanglement does not "travel". Entangled particles do not travel faster than light. Please try to provide at least some (scientific) references for your affirmation (that is by the way incorrect).

You completely missed the point, and tried to assert your own arrogant opinion on the matter without trying to understand anything I said. You have NOT been helpful in any way.

You are mistaking gravitation disturbances or waves in space time with gravitons. NOT the same thing!

Of COURSE those waves detected by LIGO travelled at the speed of light. That is NOT quantum entanglement or the entropic form of quantum gravity I am talking about in my post at all...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

From what you claim, I am pretty sure you have not read the original scientific article that is discussed in this "news" (which is by far not a scientific reference, in contrast to the article I refer to).

You clearly don't know what you are talking about.

Gravity is fake ... discuss.

This is not what we are talking about..

Quantum Entanglement and it's entropic relation to quantum gravity is what I was talking about. You decided to butt in with your own opinion and an irrelevant and unrelated link about the gravitational wave forms detected by LIGO... Which has NOTHING to do with this post, other than the fact that it deals with gravity and experiments. Thanks, but you have not told me anything that I didn't already know.

You should rewrite with your post. It is full of errors. For instance, you could start with a definition of special relativity and general relativity. The the link with the EPR paradox. That would allow you to rewrite the first two paragraphs of your article. And from then, if you are interested, we could start discussing the rest :)

You can also ping me on the steemit chat if you want to discuss lively about that ^^

MY post is full of errors? lol

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

yes it is. I gave you some hints in my former comment.

WOW... @lemouth. Way to come on to someone's post and Shit on it.
Let's get you on a Show and do this discussion live. This comment page looks vaguely obnoxious and rude for a post on Anti-Gravity. I expect this sort of stuff from Flat Earth posts, not here.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well, the post is mostly incorrect at many places. I gave hints to the author about what was not correct and told him to contact me to discuss this together (there were too many things to be written). I did it nicely and politely. This is not 'shitting on a post' in my language... I was offering instead to help. Then the author laughed at me. What do you want me to do?

This escalated quickly

Actually, the fact that you're starting a discussion in this way is all that is required ; )


I'll be off getting the popcorn! Enjoy.


I don't need you help, trust me...

My post was about a new theory of quantum gravity, and new entanglement theories. Your reply was about the LIGO experiments and completely missed the mark. THAT is why I scoffed at you. lol

This reply about LIGO was not about your post but about the comment of @anarchyhasnogods. In this context, I was full within the topic (which is however not related to your post)..

Now, if you don't want your post to trigger discussions (which is my impression from the other more recent comments), why blogging on a platform where comments are allowed in the first place? You can discuss item A, a comment can generate a discussion on item B not connected to the post. Where is the evil in there?

Concerning the post itself, I maintain that the EPR paradox first concerns special relativity (the 'constancy and finiteness of the speed of light in a vacuum' is a concept of special relativity) before concerning general relativity. Which is why I was not very agreeing with the first lines. However, I must admit I have troubles to understand the language of your post that may yield some confusion.

Anyways, we are loosing our times here. I won't discuss more.

"bundles of vertices tied together in these entangled knots" - Sacred Geometry right? Take a hero dose of mushrooms and you can see it.

No, and no... You'll find out soon enough what I was eluding to here, and trust me, it's going to blow your mind harder than any those magic mushrooms you've been eating!

I doubt it. Have you ever taken large doses of psilocybin? Don't be too quick to dismiss it. Not just silly kids taking drugs.