Mars’ta Göl Bulundu /Lake found on Mars

in science •  5 months ago

At the South pole of Mars, a Buzulaltı lake was discovered. This is the first concrete evidence that there's water on the Red Planet.


It was the first time that there was concrete evidence of water on Mars. The researchers have been on the surface of Mars for about 1. The mass detected at a depth of 5 km explained that it could be an underground lake.

The mass is located at the South Pole of Mars. It was announced that the reserve has a triangular shape of 20 km in diameter. Although the water in the lake is far below freezing, it remains liquid because it contains a high level of salt. Accordingly, lake, Antarctica and Kalaallit resemble the Buzulaltı lakes in the Nunaat (Greenland).

The mass was detected by the low-frequency radar waves emitted by the European Space Agency's "Mars Express" spacecraft. After a lengthy analysis of the data collected by the radar between May 2012 – December 2015, the news was announced to the world by an article published in Science Magazine. Roberto Orosei and his colleagues from the National Institute of Astrophysics in Italy carried out the research.

Orosei underlines that this mass of water does not mean that there is life on Mars, but the future can be done by perforting the glacier. "This is a place on Mars that most resemble a living space, where life can exist," Orosei said in the article. "The atmosphere here is not an ideal holiday spot or a place where a fish can swim. But there are organisms that survive and reproduce in such environments. There are microorganisms on earth that can survive on even the ice. "


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