What is a Black Hole (beginner-friendly)

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Black holes fascinated humans for a long time, some didn't believe they exist einstein, some discovered new things about these universal vacuum cleaner.

I've gathered up a few sites, my brain and a few videos to explain to you how black holes work and what they really look like (whether you don't know physics or expert).

First of all how does a black hole look like ... really ?

The answer is .... Its hard to say.
We've never taken a picture of a black hole but and this is the part where I 'll show you a picture, we were able to detect the effects of a black hole and therefore somehow able to make a picture (don't expect 4k):

The red cross is the black hole and the white moving dots are stars.
In the top left corner is the numbers jump from 1992 up to 2006, I assume a year counter?
In the top right corner it says 10 light days. Probably the time it takes to reach the black hole.
1 light day is basically the distance light travels in one day and in this case 10days which equals 259020683712km or 160947991052,2548miles.
We can detect 2 black holes orbiting each other with gravitational waves though this would get way too complex and is a topic for another in-depth post.

A black hole is just a black hole right?

Nope, a black hole consists of multiple zones here have a picture:
I'll explain every zone now The photon-sphere is basically a zone or region where photon (light) can't escape because gravity is strong enough.
The photon-sphere is so weird that I found out on apod.nasa.gov that photons circle around the black hole (can't escape) and to demonstrate this imagine your head is the black hole and a photon is approaching your photon-sphere.
First of all it would circle around the black hole and it would reach your eye so you could see the back of your head. Weird.
The Event horizon
The event horizon is the zone where nothing can escape the black hole anymore, its like as if your would drive on a straight infinite highway and the end which you can't see drags you forward except that after every step an invisible wall falls behind you and you can't break or touch it so you can only go in one direction.
But what's more fascinating is that you can travel inside a black hole for a while!
It depends on what type of black hole we're talking about.
Is it a small black hole or a supermassive black hole? In a smaller black hole you could either die instantly or travel for a few seconds where on the other hand you could travel inside a supermassive black hole for quite a while. So how long you'll live depends on how far you are from the singularity which I will explain now.
The Singularity
The Singularity (look at the picture above) is the center point. The point where physics makes no sense at all! Currently the singularity is indescribable but I have a few ideas and thoughts which you wanna hear. The Singularity in so dense and weird that we might never know that's going on inside it. I guess since black holes are born via supernova the iron which can't fuse into heavier elements collapses into itself because gravity overtook radiation and the iron in the core collapses some kind of different space, a different layer of the universe where gravity is spread out into a dark matter like fluent / invisible no weight-mass.
The layers I talked about:
The Singularity:
Let's go back and look at other cool things that would happen to you near a black hole ;)
Time passes slower for you but from the outside it would appear that you would start to slow down when you approach the even horizon but after a while you would start to 'stop' or freeze and turn red and disappear.
You on the other hand will see the universe in fast forward and would be able to see into the future. Kinda worth it? No seriously I really think its worth it, I mean you can see into the future, gonna fly into a black hole before I die (;
There is a scientific process called Spaghettification where you get stretched vertically and horizontally like the shape of a spaghetti or noodle and this happens around a black hole.
I hope you liked it and upvote to show your support thanks a lot and cheers or have a nice days as the american would say.
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