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in science •  10 months ago

Summary: February 6, 2018 was by far one of the most amazing day ever recorded! With over 2 million people joined into the livestream, SpaceX's Falcon Heavy was from the top to the bottom on Youtube listed as tending (and rightfully so!). Now with such an amazing launch, (un)digestible material - also known as Images- were spreaded over the surface web so here is a collection of my favourite Pictures and when it comes to images I only choose the very best: wir1yc40iah01.jpg qBf26K6l.jpgl5U6apv.jpg25557986627_f3cc243afb_o.jpg40126462231_cdf00ef431_o.jpg39585578201_a67ab9b9a8_o.jpg25254688767_59603ff06c_o.jpg And finally the best of all:

Credits go to the various photographer, hope to see the bots post the links in the comment section. Should I do a full recap of the mission or even a guide to astronomy & astrophysics for beginner? let me know down below. ()

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