Time travel???

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Today I'm going to tell you guys about the difference between future prediction and knowing the future.

Imagine I give you a time machine and you conveniently blast into the future....say sometime in the January of 2025. One thing I presume you will check for sure is the price of steem. Now presume you find that one steem is worth 100000$!!!!!!. It's also the only crypto to survive. You would at this stage probably decide to put all your money into steem once you go back.

Once back to the present.. you will have two choices.. first and the less probable is to continue living your life the same way as you were, which would merely mean that you are just living your present life with the knowledge of your future as your memory...trust me that is hard to do. For gaining perspective imagine I ask you to go back a decade and ask you to relive every moment again!!! Difficult... Now let us analyse the second condition... You decide to put All your money in steem , expecting to become very rich in the future. Now , the mere fact that you chose to alter your present by doing something different, you have effectively changed your future as well. Your worldline will no longer coincide with the one you witnessed when you visited the future!!. This would cause an entirely different set of events to transpire. Resultant future would be different and unfamiliar to you which would imply that you did not time travel in the first place!!!!!!

What infers is that, from a higher dimensional point of you, we may argue that the past, present and the future exist simultaneously but our brains are capable of experiencing only the present and remembering the past but unable to witness the future. This is a very important condition for life itself to survive and exist because every time you would alter your present by way of your free Will... your future will change.

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I really enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing with us. Enjoy the vote!

This is 100% true speaking from experience.