How do we communicate wirelessly explained

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Lets imagine if somehow a person from 500 years back comes to our world he will be fascinated by magic around him.
People talking over phone, watching television,power of internet, radio etc
We takes all these power obvious but these are result of many people working hard day and night,a junction of many technology working together.

In this post i will try to explain you this technology in simplest words possible

How do information travel

To make it simple let us take an example of lakes to understand it
what happens when you throw a stone in water??
I think all of us know ripples are formed and these ripples are an example of wave which carries information

let us take another example

How speaker send sound ?
They vibrate the air around it and that vibration travels to our ear and our ear interprets that wave as an information

Now it is clear that we need a wave to communicate

Next thing is we pick electromagnetic waves for this purpose because it doesn't need any medium to travel

How do we use it to carry information

There are two process mainly

  • Amplitude modulation- used in radio
  • Frequency modulation- used in cellphone wifi etc

what is amplitude modulation

Let us take a information may be sound video or anything is form of a wave as shown
Screenshot (53).png

Then we draw mirrror image of it shown below
Screenshot (54).png

Then we create a wave in between those packets formed BY varying aplitudes
Screenshot (56).png

Then we transmit it by transmission tower
we receive this wave from our device which has receiver in it and then the device convert that information into relevant form so we can understand it

I am not explaining Frequency modulation in this blog because it is getting bigger in my next post you will find this which is used in wifi cellphone etc

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