The exhibition of Albert Einstein's brain in Germany's museum!

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Albert Einstein's exhibition of brain parts began in a museum in Germany. The Natural Science Museum in Munster City arranges this special exhibition from Wednesday.

The American pathologist Thomas Harvey researched Einstein's brain, saying that Einstein's rare talent was revealed in his brain tissue. Fifty-century pathologist Einstein's brain was divided into hundreds of cells and did research.

German physicist Albert Einstein died in 1955 in New Jersey, USA. Later, his body was supposed to be cremated according to religious tradition. Thomas Herv, a pathologist with Einstein's family, was the author. In this formula he secretly removed the part of the brain of this gifted scientists. Thomas has researched Einstein's brain for a long time He saved Einstein's brain in glass jars.

Later, the brain of this famous physicist was preserved in the Philadelphia Museum of the United States. This was first brought to the exhibition in a museum in Einstein's hometown of Germany. Nichol Hollam, director of the Munster Natural Science Museum, said that part of Einstein's brain part was brought to Munster in Philadelphia's Mother Museum for exhibition in Germany. Director of the Philadelphia Mother's Museum Loyal Funders was present.

In 1955, when Albert Einstein died in the Princeton hospital, the pathologist at Thomas Harvey was employed. Thomas Harvey had a good reputation with the Einstein family. But Thomas was criticized for the right part of Einstein's brain, in which he had stored membrosia, for his deduction for research. Later Thomas Harve's medical certificate was canceled and he was discharged from Princeton Hospital. Although many nervous doctors including Thomas Einstein found out that he was happy about his intelligence by researching his brain, he could not reveal the mystery.

Einstein, the creator of the theoretical theory of physics. His contributions to quantum physics made him known as a world-renowned scientist. Albert Einstein was born in 1879 in southern Germany. The citizenship of different countries was his. After Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, he did not return to the homeland from the United States.


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