Strange sky

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Aloha Steemians!

This photo was taken just a few hours ago as I was leaving the grocery store. From these two photos, I find that the first one is most odd. Please note that both photos were taken with an iPhone 6 and has not been filtered nor modified.

I have a hard time figuring out why the clould are clumps together like this when the above sky is clear blue. Am I just unaware of how the sky works?!



Now that you have seen both photos, does it look normal to you?! Can you help explain this to me?

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Do You ever have the Sky Look Like this Earlier in the Day ?? You know that's not Normal Right Ms. Sophia ??

Oh good god damn Smokey!!! You guys are so chemmed out!!! I’m so sorry dear friend.

You know, it’s a little harder to chem us because we’re nowhere small with the wind gods to help push that disgusting stuff to the open ocean

Then it Spreads and Greys out the Whole Sky and I cant see my Beautiful BLUE.........

...and thus why I get so sad for us and our world. But we are extremely resilient! We’ll overcome this nonsense too!!! 😁❤️

Trust The Plan