Ambient Space music - A trip to Alien worlds

in sci-fi •  last year

Would you like to travel to another galaxy? We are now taking reservations for the intergalactic trip of a lifetime.

You will be traveling with guides from other star systems and the captain is a well known inter-galactic traveler
of great renown.

An example of what you will see.........{click on center of image for full video}

Upvote this post to initiate a reservation - We know how to find you as we monitor all communications of Humans
of the Planet Earth - Soon as you log-on to the internet anywhere in the world you are in our dimension and under our


"The Future is Now !!!"


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Nice soundtrack, really "space" .. ^^
I give you UpVot & ReSte


You have to be there to really appreciate it - We can do just so much with virtual worlds. Our next intergalactic trip begins in seven months. Your reservation has been noted.

  • AlienView
    'Boorg Industries travel agent for Planet Earth'