Waking up with coma lag - Chapter 1 (sci-fi/thriller)

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Time is precious. Many would argue time is the most valued thing of all, comparing it to having wealth, power or attention. Most things in life come and go, but time only goes in one direction and that's forward. Time to a person can feel long, boring, and empty but when you finally find the thing you have been looking for, time seems to change for the opposite.
It was time it cost to find the love of my life, but when I did, it felt like it had all been worth it. While the time after felt so much more valuable, it also taught me how unforgiving time can be, and how one small misstep kept me locked in time forever, in my own body.

Two seconds of my life determined the future of my existence.

It was on a rainy day when i was driving my motorcycle on my way to my girlfriend when that one driver decided it was more important to catch Pikachu instead of looking at the road. I can still imagine my feeling when my peripheral vision noticed the car and the panic that ensued in seconds. Unfortunately there was nothing to be done at that point anymore, all I could do was turn my head, face the driver and see him drive into me while he raised his head from his smartphone. The last second I still remember is flying in the air and the world around me was spinning.

After having experienced almost every dream and nightmare I could imagine existed, this one felt really weird. I remembered this room I was in, although it felt like I had been there ages ago. It had a familiar scent that I really liked... just as it felt like I was remembering where it was from, I heard someone else approaching from the doorway;
"Hey Billy..."
I recognized her voice instantly, just as I turned my head to greet her I felt someones hand pushing my face the other way.

This feeling felt new to me, not just someone pushing my head but me actually feeling it. All the dreams and nightmares, I hadn't felt anything in so long. The whole sensation was strange to me, I was wondering if I had started to lucid dream but then it happened. The feeling came back, stronger than ever. Cold and wet. There were so many different emotions going through me I didn't know how to handle it, I wanted to know what it was.
Then I opened my eyes.

It felt like one of those days you have been oversleeping, your body isn't tired anymore, you couldn't sleep longer if your life depended on it. That feeling times a hundreds.
I kept blinking, adjusting my vision but everything was really, really blurry. I couldn't tell where I was or what was happening, then I heard a voice say:
"Oh gosh, I wonder if this is a fake alarm again..." as she stepped on over to the door and left.
The feeling slowly vanished but my eyes were still open, I lay notice to the only thing making a sound in the room, it was my breathing. I tried to turn my head but I couldn't. My mind started racing;
"Where am I?",
"Who was that woman?",
"Why can't I move?"
Before I could come up with more the door opened again and I could see something coming closer.
"I brought some towels to get you all dried up again, here we go, let's start with your face... Oh my god, you are awake!"
I couldn't even turn my eyes to the side to see her but I blinked more frequently so she would notice.
"Ohh, this is excellent, let me get the doctor, I'll be back in two steems..." she said as she stormed off again.

I lay there, still a thousand of questions flowing through my mind. "What was that she said at the end?"
The door opens and a man comes in and stands by the foot of the bed, tells me that they have been waiting for a long time for this day to come. He did a few tests on how my eyes were moving and said he would call a physician to get me to 'work' on regaining my strength. He would also notify my relatives to come see me tomorrow and that I should be up and running in about a week. "Welcome back" he added at the end before he left the room.

I started to realize I must've been in a coma for some time now. The accident came back to me and I started thinking of her, how much time might have passed, how she is and what she could be doing nowadays.

Before I could think much further another man came in and started injecting me with needles and said "this will give you some power back, try and move your head and neck after a minute". I guessed he was the physician that was supposed to help me get in shape again.

I started moving my neck and hands, it all started working so quickly again. He helped me sit up on a wheel-chair and said he would take me out for a stroll, since I hadn't gotten fresh air in some time.
It was sunny outside, it felt like spring had just arrived and the park had started to become colorful, the air I breathed in felt really fresh. We stopped at a park chair and he sat down next to me and said: "I'd be happy to answer any questions that might be on your head now, could you try and test if your voice is back after not having used it for ten years?"

"Yes" I replied, surprised I could use my voice, I muttered "10 years? Its the year 2027?"
-"oh yeah, thought you knew that already. I'm sorry, yes its been 10 years since you went into a coma. Let me tell you a lot has changed since then." he said with a smile showing.
"what's the biggest change in the last 10 years?"
-"oh, not a lot of coma patients form the question that way, that's a good one! Hmm let's see..." he said as he put his hand to his jaw in a thoughtful manner. "Well, i'd say the new digital era of AI lifeforms and the decentralization of value and the internet of things, I would say."

This instantly reminded me of my hobby with cryptocurrencies I had, and so many questions about that came to my head and I wanted answers to all of them. I was surprised to automatically asking this one:
"Who is the president of the United States?"
-"Who? Haha, the current president is actually an AI robot, people don't really qualify for those important positions anymore."
"Did block-chain technology change the world?" I said in a hurry almost interrupting him.
He noticed how eager I was to get an answer to that, so he leaned closer in on me and said. "Yes, they did. Big time, the whole revolution was based around them, why, were you into crypto-coins before your accident?" he added.
"Yeah, I checked them out from time to time. Which one become the most popular one?" I asked, not sure if I was driving the discussion too much into one category.
-"Oh I'd say one of the biggest ones was Steem and how it brought everyone into the awesome technology that was too early for its time, other than that, Ethereum has decentralized and established most of the business world and how API's and AI bots operate."

On our way back I asked him if it was possible for me to use a laptop when in the room, to catch up on the stuff I have missed out on. He laughed and added that that's a pretty normal request for someone who had been sleeping for a decade. I was now back on my bed and he brought me a laptop. It had been only an hour since I had been awake but I had to go check out my old Steemit account and if I could still remember the password.

The moment I hit enter, and it directed me to my own page, my heart stopped for a moment when I glanced at the "estimated value: $4,588,853,314.88" It took me several seconds to count all the digits and my eyes were wide open, I quickly looked behind me and noticed he noticed too, but pretended he wasn't looking at the screen.

As I was putting the laptop to the side, I was trying to think of an excuse to have him leave the room for a moment so i could have some time to take all of what just had happened in, but as soon as I turned my head to ask him I felt something really hard hit me on the side of my head. I returned to the darkness again.

Hey everyone, thanks for reading those who did, I want to try my hand at some sci-fi writing and have a lot of crazy ideas in my head that I want to put down to words and into a hopefully entertaining sci-fi series. I hope my english didn't wasn't that hard to read, its my third language. Criticism is welcomed and questions about the plot or what's going to happen would be fun to read!

Also for anyone that wants to add pictures to this sci-fi from #descriptionsonthespot or has some good ideas for which ones to choose, feel free to say so in the comments!


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