The strangest 7 rules imposed by schools

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Learning some rules is the first thing we encountered when we were young. The second thing is that some of these rules are laughable and ironic!

  But if you are still in school, these rules can not provoke your ridicule, but the feeling of discontent is the one who becomes the master of the situation, and you may be heading to Twitter, your own misfortune that has caught you in the trap of these rules. Always silly, but can be preparation for what may happen in your life later)!

         Students must carry RFID cards

Drag your wallet and take a look at your credit card as a student you will never really be able to use, just like putting a memory card in your computer and not knowing what it is. The main purpose of this application is to find out where students go if they are not The school, but if he is telling the truth about the date of sleep and wake up and eat or not!

Some parties, such as the Union of Civil Liberties, objected to this rule but it seems that the courts and schools do not care much about whether the students are treated as animals or not. The school remains a school, so much so that when they give up this card they feel they have done something wrong Punishment!

So far this method applies to two schools and believe that these children's tracking cards are the end of the crisis for their education for students, and some have admired this service, commenting that schools now abandoned their historical role in education and upbringing to act as demons in their pursuit of human beings!

        Ketchup is banned in France

Can you re-read Al-Anun? Do not worry we will waste a minute! I am done? Well, as you have read, it is forbidden in French schools to eat ketchup, which is one of the most famous appetizers in the world, if not the most famous, you may now find out how to treat the French fries! Some Americans took this ironically, making them call French fries "Freedom Fries"!

Most French schools have commented that they want to keep the tastes of their students as they want to keep them healthier, and this raises in our minds the question of whether the fruit of "tomatoes" leads to certain diseases?

           Do not write with the red pen

For a long time our pamphlets were filled with red ink pens, which were exclusive to teachers, where they would draw things that would suggest celebrating if you were doing well and sometimes filling them with wrong marks if your energy was on leave.

The red pen was the preserve of the elderly and the teachers. Even when we grew older, the psychological barrier between us and this color is incomprehensible. Only when a red nail is in your hands can you talk about why I can not read on any of your sides a sign that you are only older and teachers! !

           "dribbling the ball" is not allowed!

Some schools have enacted internal rules that prevent students from dribbling while playing. Imagine what the reasons are. Is it because the movement is worthless? Cause the falsification of results?

Of course throwing balls, some of which may be heavy can lead to injuries among students, but some adults were extreme in trying to portray these accidental events as deadly! But some arrived to call the heavy choir name "fatal killer" and the question here, you have already heard about an accident killed by a bullet to a human ??

Fear of injuries has never been a logical reason to prevent children from emptying their energy in sports, the evidence that children were and still are playing the ball and dodging it everywhere street clubs and not just school!

           No to "Pokemon" cards

What is the real reason that some schools may prevent the use of Pokemon cards for their students, but they are used to discarding anything that young children like?

According to the BBC, these cards distract students' focus on their education, where they spend a lot of time, the same BBC that one of the children said in 2000: "You have to live mad to spare your energy, even if you throw yourself Deep water "!

If you can ask the children, they will answer you that their beloved game has been robbed of them for very stupid reasons !, and that some of the decision-makers deal with their favorite games as a kind of gambling, or because of it may occur assassinations between students and each other, and still After all that happens you find who say "Oh my God .. kids are really annoying!

         No for photography

Pictures of the school may be the only way to save your memories from that stage of life which of course will not come back again, one click on the Facebook share box for you to study can save your precious memories for many years.

But some schools have decided to impose a ban on this too, taking the approach. "The images are in fact magic that steals your soul and you can not see the vampires clearly in them!" Indeed, in the new millennium some schools prohibit taking pictures on their territory.

The surprise is that if you try to take a picture of your child inside the PTA, for example, for his birthday party or even a family photo and nothing more, unfortunately I can tell you that some schools do not!

It is strange that almost every human being on Earth has a camera in his home or phone, which is why he claims that these rules take a fair share of the ridicule of children and the public alike.

          "Best Friend" is not allowed

Well, it's the public schools, meaning you can only play here as a wicked teenager! You want to take a friend This decision will not be regrettable in some schools, because they treat your friends as monsters that will destroy your future permanently.

You can join a large group of children to play, study, or do anything else, but be careful that you and your friend or two of your friends are not allowed to be seen by anyone in such a suspicious situation!

It is known that the most important thing you learn during the period of study even before you learn the alphabet and mathematics is how to make friends, is there anyone among us now knows which race belongs Scorpio? How many plant species in the world? Of course do not know or do not remember, but we all know how to smile in the face of others and offers them tea cups and food items, so there is no one good reason to prevent children from taking friends.


Schools are supposed to prepare children for living in society, so they will reflect society's current 'norms' such as allowing children to choose their own gender. Many of our rules, e.g. about 'health and safety,' are there to protect authorities against being sued, so they are going to be reproduced in a school environment. The culture of litigation began in the US and now it has crept into Britain, changing our attitudes.