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Horace Mann's "lethal monster" - that's what Jim Davies called kinderprison. That's a pretty accurate description of that obsolete institution of compliance and indoctrination. Oh, it works pretty well for compliance and indoctrination, just not at all well for education, which is the lie which is told to justify it.

It seems Horace Mann would be reviled by all who value education and liberty, and honored by those who support the Prussian System of child abuse.

Many "parents" support government schools as a babysitting service. They could get a better deal if they kept the money which is stolen in support of the schools, and spent it somewhere that competed for their business. I'll bet more actual education would be offered, as well.


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Bro I'm not rich but I'll surely try to promote your post as much as possible @dullhawk you are changing the way people used to think you have brought a lot of significant change in me

That's so true.. People are so busy these days working for their lifestyle. They forget how other's can change the mind of their kids. all the things fed at an early stage in a kid's life.. He remembers them for all his life.

I salute him, those who are always engaged in the service of humanity. only a parents can develop their children's knowledge, language, and social skills. It's a special role for any parents but in this era of competition, many parents can not afford enough time for their kids.