Took ten years to pay off 1.5 years of college debt. The system is broken.

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Student Loans are a Bankster's Paradise. Took ten years to pay off 1.5 years of college debt. The system is broken.

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So today after almost ten years of paying off my student debt, I finally got an email saying "IT'S OVER" the fake fiat debt has been paid. Ridiculously I only borrowed roughly 1.5 years of student debt, as I had a massive academic scholarship. However only borrowing 1.5 years worth of school tuition left me in debt for ten years, and I was only able to pay it off thanks to a spike in crypto currency despite working using my degree since graduation basically. This shows how broken the system is.

So huge thanks to steemit for getting me into crypto currency in August of 2016, since then I have made enough to at least pay off this student debt.

Another big issue is that colleges and universities are not training people for jobs of the future. They should be educating people in jobs like programming but instead they keep doling out useless degrees that don't apply to the real world. Of course all the loans to students for these degrees are federally backed and guaranteed. This means the banksters get handout ridiculous loans for degrees that will never make the money back and they get to charge interest on these loans, that if go unpaid the federal government (taxpayers) pick up the tab on, and the student who couldn't pay has the federal government take money from him forever. Or in my case the banksters get to charge interest on me for ten years for 1.5 years worth of school without any risk of the loan not being paid. It's a banksters paradise.

Never mind the never ending increasing tuition for various moronic reasons. The top schools all want to have the highest tuition because that means they are the best, so Harvard and and such constantly jack their rates up to be "prestigious", which has a trickle down effect as the other schools try to keep up with the Jones's. Also you have professors working later into life, on tenure collecting massive paychecks. You also have a massive influx of foreign students who can afford to pay up front in cash, which justifies the never ending price increases. Lastly modern colleges and Universities are not training people to be free thinkers, they are training automatons. People smart enough to push the lever, but not smart enough to question why.

The education system is completely broken from the indoctrination of schooling currently to the loans burying my entire generation into school debt. We have a Department of Education that was created by the Rockefeller Family largely, with the sole purpose of indoctrinating a slave class of mentally weak people. Something has to change.


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Engineers will find jobs and pay off their loans quickly; art history majors won't.

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