Our Pasiklaban overall champ, The Blue Titans!!

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Hi guys! Today I'm back to tell you about our Pasiklaban and us, the champ Blue Titans! Let's start!

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It was on February 23,2018 our Pasiklaban 2018 happened. It was so fun and enjoyable with parlor games and the awarding of the winners in board games and sports! We paraded and, after that we now then show up with the yell competition and cheer dance!

Our yell competition was just fine, but the cheer dance was so amazing, they had a front flip too! But, in the end part their human tower collapsed, but still the managed to get the 2nd place.

And then, we went back to our team's room and took lunch, then we went back up the third floor where the whole activity is being processed. We had many first place that got our team many points! It brought us up, and we got so many talented members too!

I got a third place at badminton singles and second place on doubles. It was a close fight! And I got a second place on the board game Scrabble too! When the emcees are announcing the winner, we we're all so sad cause we were thinking that the spartans or red team, is going to be the overall champ, cause they got the first place in the yell and cheer dance competition.

But, when the announcer said "The overall champion, is non other than, the Blue Titans!! We we're all alive and shouting "Champions, champions!" We learned, "fall down seven times, stand up eight"

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