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"A boy is dead, a girl is the daughter of a murderer, and it is difficult to look up in his life; the boy can never go back to the family. Both homes are gone."

On May 10, the Xinzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Xinzhou Branch issued a notice saying that at 9:16 on May 10, 2019, the Public Security Bureau received an alarm saying that there was a case of knife wounding in the fifth primary school of Shangrao City. After receiving the police, the Shuinan Police Station in the jurisdiction immediately rushed to the scene for disposal. After preliminary investigation, the suspect Wang Moujian (Xinzhou District, male, 41 years old) is the parent of the school. Because of the dispute between his child and the victim student Liu Mou, he stabbed Liu Mou with a knife and then passed the emergency. Sent to the hospital to rescue invalid death. At present, the suspect Wang Mojian has been under the control of the police and the case is under further investigation.

The tragedy of the child is the social tragedy.

At present, the official has not explained the original situation, but from the scattered pictures, the most popular online sayings are: girls receive school bullying, boys can not bear, angry and rushed to the crown, after warning, the next day I rushed into the classroom and killed 13 boys, eventually killing and dying.

"The most powerful skill of an adult is to logically push things away from yourself."

Regarding this hot topic discussion, in the hot comments on Weibo, I can't help but see the comment “You don’t care if your child is naturally helping you to discipline”. More than 2,000 comments (as of the posting position), the top ten In the comments, there are many emotional vents, and such emotions do not know how many more netizens commented and praised.

The tragedy of the child is the social tragedy.

When I was a child, when I was a student, I spoke in class, interfered with the class, and bullied my classmates. I didn’t have much involvement. Later, after I was bullied, my personality changed a lot. After 20 years, I can still remember those pictures clearly in my mind. Just like putting a movie, I can’t forget it if I think about it.

The first thing was when I was in the sixth grade. I took a math class. I was assigned to the substitute teacher. It should be the kind of teacher in the 20s. A very young male teacher, wearing a white shirt and no glasses. It seems that I don’t know if the new intern teacher is too boring or the topic I was talking with at the same table is too funny. Although sitting in the last row, the guidance of the substitute teacher is obviously not as big as the “Kid of the King” in my class. Then he called a few times in the middle and knocked the blackboard a few times. The result was useless. In the end, he may be in a hurry, throwing a chalk directly at me, and then quickly walked down, blushing and wearing a rough face. I grabbed me directly with my hand on my neck, and then I licked the kitten and puppy. Then I put my leg on the podium and stood for two classes. After I got home, my neck was red for a few days.

I have not mentioned this matter with my family.

Later, when I was in conflict with my parents, my dad suddenly said this thing. I was too disgusted to say that I didn’t perform well at school. It only gave him shame. No wonder other teachers took me as a “typical”. “Why don’t others call it? Do others go up and call you alone?" I still remember the words at the time. At that time, it was very cold and there was no heating. I was wearing long trousers. I kept crying and crying. I felt my heart was punctured.

Another junior high school basketball, other small gangsters to grab the field, more than 10 people in our class talked to each other, I came out and smashed them a few words, then they left, did not expect them to go to class the next day I went to my classroom and was beaten by someone else in my seat. I didn't dare to fight back. I really felt particularly embarrassed later. After I went home, I thought about how to secretly take a fruit knife and go in and find them "reasonable." Now I don't dare to think about it, but I am glad that I resisted it at the time, otherwise I will not have me now. Oh, my parents still feel that I am in trouble, in a nosy, and now. I have not wanted to recall the details at the time.

Children are bullying or being bullied. I think they are all normal experiences in life. Schools are also the epitome of society. There is no pure utopia without any pollution. It is imagined by adults. The key point is how to teach people around. How to guide. "He is still only a child.", "Children don't understand anything", "Our family will not be like this."...

All kinds of remarks of adults, except for showing their irresponsibility and shirking, are not about anything. Does your child really understand? Are you really educated and guided? Are they really not understanding?

"Killing people, please stop cyber violence"

Without experiencing cyber violence, you never know how much harm there is.

I remember the experience of "Chen Yu said" Chen Ming. He sent a photo of him and his daughter on Weibo. The following comment is "The genes of Hubei village goods, no worse!". This plan has led to countless embarrassment and network confrontation, and even Chen Ming himself has participated in this "fight", using his words, never to say dirty words on the show can not help.

The tragedy of the child is the social tragedy.
Chen Mingqi said that description

Whether the online map is credible, whether the girl’s parents’ words are completely true, and whether the boy’s parents’ interviews are credible, we don’t know, the network is so complicated, how easy is it to make a false traffic flow? What is terrible is the blind obedience of society. Some people even said that the teachers present, the parents in the group are murderers, although they have not experienced such an environment, but think about it, is this really true? Really?

"The campus bullying will exist and will exist for a long time, where is the way to crack"

Some people have rivers and lakes, adults have rivers and lakes for adults, children have rivers and lakes for children.

This situation of campus bullying, I think it is difficult to eliminate, but must cause us to pay enough attention. What is the situation in the children in the rest of the class, how are the two families, and how is the campus bullying reduced? This is all about social thinking.

Adolescence is a stage of physical development. During this period, the prefrontal cortex, which does not fully control emotions, does not mature. Therefore, it is easier to feel anger and generate radical thoughts than adults.

The personality characteristics of juvenile offenders are "imitation"

For example, it is also a wounded death. The criminal nature of juvenile offenders and adult offenders is different. They have different subjective perceptions of their own behavior. This crime cannot represent the “illegal personality” of the illusion that it has formed a criminal personality.

In addition, it is reported that the serious violence on campus is not in the developed cities or remote areas, but often in the urban-rural integration area. The family background of the offenders is mostly the parents who go out to work, so-called left-behind children. This involves many social problems. Question: The cause of the tragedy Should it be the responsibility of the perpetrator? Psychological twists and values ​​The shift of values ​​is related to the family school and society. From this perspective, the perpetrator is also the victim.

Most of us are fortunate. We understand the right and wrong. We experience relatively healthy and stable psychological development. Have a stable life. You can blame others when you face such things. But are you trying to think about the feelings of the perpetrators?