The more things differ, the more they are the same...

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Never having been in America, I can’t be sure of this, but if the movies are anything to go by, American schools look like this:


Big buildings with the whole school enclosed in it, and when students move from class to class, they do so in this sort of indoor hallway:


So students spend a lot of time indoors. I would assume this is because of the harsh winters much of America experiences. Though I seem to recall seeing such schools even in films set in California or other warmer areas. Perhaps it’s just the local style.

Now here in South Africa, we hardly even have winter, and our schools look like this:


When students move from class to class, they do so in open air hallways outside the building, in the fresh air.

And what do I conclude from this? That American schools are more like prisons, whereas South African schools are more like concentration camps.

Pick your poison.


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