Schemas in our minds

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Classical conditioning has set up a living space just a little far from the schemas that are rooted in our minds. Of course, many terms in this psychology, definition, work also applies to the result. At the beginning of your question, you have asked hundreds of people throughout the lives of the hotel room, as you cannot define the room that caused their deaths.


I think it's a very question. I have also given the answer to this question, but I would like to repeat; The body of individuals using substance develops tolerance to these substances and this is why they increase the dose every time. In other words, substance use kills individuals slowly and not at a time because they need to increase the dose every time and need more body satisfaction.


These people who are addicted to substance take their last dose every time, perhaps, to take them to death. These people are not aware of the fact that the last time they were found dead in the hotel rooms, they had no effect on their body. In other words, they are the dead end of the body of the hotel that separates the hotel room.

In addition, it is not only a situation that happens to famous people, but because we know them well, it is easy to visualize their stories and they are only examples of this situation. In the article, it is desirable to draw attention to what is not to be famous nor to go to dozens of hotel rooms. Classical conditioning is not a condition that occurs only in behavior, according to this example, our body is also conditioned in many situations.
Thank you again for your comment, I hope I have contributed a little to the distraction of the question marks in your mind.

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