SCANETCHAIN: NEM-based Commercialized AR Blockchain

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I own an Oculus Rift that I use for gaming purposes, recently I have been experimenting with my VR hardware's when shopping for online games on Oculus home and to be honest the shopping experience is exciting and effective since I can get to see in real-time the products and services I'm about to purchase and even test them when I'm still at home.

When I was shopping using my Oculus rift, I thought about incorporating the technology with my business, the problem was the infrastructure needed to enable my customers experience this kind of shopping experience will crush my small business with extra charges and I decided to hold it for a while until the business financial is favorable enough or until the cost of such infrastructure are affordable.

(Video Source: Scanetchain YouTube - Scanetchain AR Lifestyle )

Technology is growing at alarming late, fast forward to today I realized I can incorporate Virtual reality shopping and combine it with modernized operational processes all for free thanks to Scanetchain and blockchain technology.

In this blog entry I'm going to cover the features of the Scanetchain projects that I love the most and I believe will be beneficial for my business and also improve the user experience of my clients.

Scanetchain: Open Market platform.


Scanetchain is a platform where entrepreneurs like me can upload their contents and sell them just like an online store, but with more benefits such as smart contracts capabilities, immutable records keeping and for my clients they will be able to get a market which is brought together by an interlinked ecosystem of small businesses that powered by blockchain technology – something like a virtual shopping mall.


Users will be able to access the platform both on chain and off chain, where users will be able to access the platform when on the internet and when offline. When users are offline they can be able to access scanetchain services but will only be able to make changes and modify their contents when using the on-chain parts.

Scanetchain Services.


Scanetchain blockchain has several layers, the core layer and the application layer where businesses can build their applications for their businesses. The application layer has benefits of both the core blockchain and the custom application layer they have built.


The applications layers will be used to manage operations of their businesses such as managing contents and transactions while the core layer maintains and supports the applications layers. The two layers communicate through the REST API which is supported by the parent blockchain.

Cloud-based AR streaming system.


Small businesses like mine will be able to reduce charges they have to pay when hosting their services in traditional ecommerce sites through a cloud-based AR streaming services provided by Scanetchain.

Users will be able to stream contents straight from the online Scanetchain platform to their VR without incurring significant data costs and storage problems in their devices.

To enable streaming of contents Scanetchain has built an AR module that will be responsible for streaming services, AR module is customized to allow accurate products identification and render them in 3D format.

Scanetchain Photo Magnet.


Business like mine will be able to use the services of Scanetchain through PhotoMagnet to order events and videos and place them on Scanetchain. This means that I will be able create phot-magnets to advertise them where users will be able to access them when online and offline the platform.

Use cases in Advertising Systems.


Scanetchan not only empowers me through tools that will power my operations but also offer me advertisement opportunities where the processes are optimized to improve the customers experience when viewing products and allow me to connect through AR with my customers.

Scanetchain will allow my businesses to advertise through an incentivized program where customers will be rewarded for viewing products of their interests which are curated by artificial intelligence based on their interests.


The platform will benefit users and businesses through a mutual advertisement relationship where users will be able to have a variety of products and be rewarded when they view businesses products and also businesses will benefit from optimized advertisements.

Use cases in Commerce Systems.


Small businesses like mine will be able to offer their products for sale in an improved user experience, the use of artificial intelligence to match potential clients with products will be beneficial businesses marketing strategy.

Businesses will be able to upload their products through an AR Scanner into the platform where they will be displayed in a decentralized market just like shopping in a shopping mall at home.

Scanetchain User UI.


To make it easier for businesses and customers to use the platform, Scanetchain has built a user friendly interface which is comprehensive and easy to use, the platform will enable users have a timeline of activities, adverts options, shopping experience and general posting of contents such as products, reviews and feedbacks and also communicate directly with their favorite stores.

Social Network Service UI.


Scanetchain will be a social platform where users can communicate and share their experiences on the platform, they will be able to communicate with their favorite stores and even leave feedbacks and comments that will be useful for other users based on their experiences.

Users will be able to follow their favorite merchants where they will get updates on new products or services available.



Scanetchain is a solution to my small business, as the business environment become more competitive my business will be able to compete with big giants that have monopolized the industry due to availability of resources to improve on their services delivery. With Scanetchain I can improve my services by integrating my business operations with modern technologies using VR technology all at no cost.

Users will be able to get updated information in real time of availability of new products and also be able to access my products at the comfort of their homes, they will be able to get more details about the products and also customers reviews which will help them make informed decisions.

With all this Benefits, I believe Scanetchain will experience merchant adoptions and will be able to integrate their operations using modern technologies. There is potential in AR and blockchain technology especially when it comes to improving business transactions and user experiences which are optimized and automated for improved services delivery.

Scanetchain development and operations road-map.


For more information about Scanetchain, please check out their website, whitepaper and social media pages in the reference section below.



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