Scammer Alert!!!!

This message was in my wallet a few hours ago. I see s/he is still spamming the same message to more accounts. Please be very cautious and alert!


accounttransfers transfer 0.001 SBD to onceuponatime

"NOTICE! We have detected unusual or unauthorized activity in your account. Your account may have been hacked or otherwise compromised. As a precautionary measure we have secured your funds. We have frozen all funds in your account for your protection. There has been a breach of Steemit Security and several accounts have been blocked. No further transactions will be permitted in this account pending further investigation. Your funds are safe and secure and will be held in our trust account for 30 days pending return of these funds to you. In the event of any loss your account balances are guaranteed and secured by Steemit. We will notify you when we have completed our investigation. Please provide us with your email address and contact us regarding verification of your account. You will be required to provide certified copies of Government Identification Documents for account verification when claiming the return of your funds. Our email address is: Thank you for your patience. Please contact Account Security at:


Let's make sure that @accounttransfers doesn't get away with anything!

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You really should censor that link or at least make it unclickable by removing the http.


I clicked the link myself to see what it did. The warning stands out enough I think.

Masquerading as "Bittrex" even, I see. Rep is already down to -2 so stuff will be hidden... I just hope some innocent doesn't get taken in by this, anyway.

Thanks for the heads-up; resteemed.

Edited to add: At least they had the stupidity to spam the Steemit "richlist." Going down their wallet list reads like a "who's who" of senior Steemians.


Yes, the first thing I did was go and flag with full power his posts to get his reputation down as much as possible.


You are a Guardian Angel @onceupontime.Keep watching and protecting!


Good work!

Hadn't seen this approach before... we should probably keep a vigilant eye out for copycats. Sad... but true.


Thanks for informing the community. I reported him for fraud. He will most likely be in a blacklist soon.


Well done!!
Thanks for warning


Thanks for this! Even as s newbie it's comforting knowing there are people out there working together to beat them!


Thanks for the warnings.


Like a phisherman trying to hook a big one!

This scammer sent the message to over 130 accounts including many high profile Steemit users!

Congratulations @onceuponatime!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 3 with 125 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 6 with $ 230,78

One drawback of being an agnostic is that I have no evidence to support the belief that there is an especially nasty part of hell reserved for scammers.


Doesn't that fuel a belief that preventing, stopping and punishing scammers is a job for us in the here and now?


Also, Newtonian thinking suggests that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thermodynamics is a B*%@h, baby!

Thanks for the alert. I'm wary of giving out any info on social media.

Thats great that more and more are is getting attention to this. Those people should not be here

Thanx for bringing this into light. We all really need this type of stealers to be flagged and shut down. You did a great job buddy.


haha, great meme

Hopefully people are smart enough to see the big 'ol red flag when they get to the GMAIL account..LOL 😆 seems legit


Hopefully, someone sent a lovely virus masked as the file that f*cker asked. ^^


Haha well that would be 'a taste of their own shit' wouldn't it?


It would be and I think it would work. :P Based on that message, this little hacker doesn't seem to be so bright.


That's what I thought as well. Gmail addresses with sketchy names are a big red flag. Another big red flag would be that they send you documents containing personal information for verification. Normally this would be the other way around. The outsider proving to be the identified account.

It's great to see how the community put hands together and flagged that account. I just hope some innocent get affected with this bullshit.
Thanks so much for sharing the words mate!

Thanks for posting this. With the time that idiot took writing that long, fraudulent crap, he could have made a legitimate post, and made some money honestly on Steemit. Now he shall suffer the wrath of 400,000 really ticked-off Steemians! lol

Thanks for this man . It can help a lot to avoid scam

Scammers are everywhere to be found on the web. I strongly believe that it is because of the need or love of money that makes them pursue such online career. They don`t discriminate based on status, religion, sex, or ethnicity. They scam any people, anytime, any day and anywhere.

I'm new to STEEMIT, so this warning has come at a good time. Thank you. I follow you for this post.

Very Good Piece of information! I also received same message, but i decided to wait for confirmation.

We all just needs to be careful, don't fall for this cheap scammers.

you should edit that url http: // lsteemit. com/account-security-breach" so it does not work.




I guess:
Accounttransfers accounttransfers downvote @bashadow/re-onceuponatime-scammer-alert-20171005t… (-100%)

Did not like me warning you about the link. Does not look like his downvote is worth much, as it did not have a very big effect on me. Probably pissed that I resteemed the @samstonehill hack he did.
He stole over $3,000 from @samstonehill, a lot of which was dedicated to helping the evacuees in Bali because of the Volcano. So we know where this idiots priorities lay, his wallet and not a care for another single human being on the earth. Only his self interest.

(any upvote considered, please pass on to @samstonehilltube to help rebuild his Rep)

This will happen more often since Steemit community is getting larger every day. We should make a post about this and add all of those scammers so people will stay safe. Hope no one falls into this trap.

It looks like scammer targeted high profile accounts who unlikely to fall for the trick.
Thanks for warning and I am translating it to Turkish referencing your and @dragosroua's post.

Wow, that is really a shady tactic. But I am afraid that will probably not be the last time we see that. Just like with spam and fishing emails, they never go away.

Thanks for pointing that out!


Thanks for the warning.

wow sir
this is pretty good awareness regarding to save their own accounts against hacked.
Thank you, actually u are one who saved millions of people money today with the help of this post. Even i received a message from my one steemit friend who told me about it but that time i was thinking that may be he got that message by mistake. but that was real
well, thanks again sir.
wonderful job

Valuable post for online users. I saw your blogs before, those are very important and talented ones. Thank you for sharing sir..
I`m following you and upvoted

I am sure the whales will be smart enough not to fall for this shit but some noobs will probable get scammed ^_^ Resteemed for awareness

Thanks for sharing about this scammer looks like they are trying to get the big whales

Congratulations @onceuponatime
MinnowsPower listed your post "Scammer Alert!!!!" as one of the top 5 upvoted and commented posts of the day...!!!

Very useful information to the entire STEEM community to secure their accounts from Hackers and Scammers...!!!

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Thanks for sharing this valuable info. This does show again that scammers do everything and are everywhere....

@onceuponatime - Scammers in Steemit is not a good sign Sir. We all should do something for it :( Very useful news you shared Sir <3

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

i am not falling for it thanks buddy you are the savior !!

Like posted this morning. THX for the warning. I have a request, would you please consider of giving me a witness vote? I would be very very happy and your vote counts to achieve my goals.. Also witnesses make the steemit blockchain alive.. I wrote a post today to show my dedication to the community..


@rival my good buddy. You have already commented on this post 5 hours ago. Couldn't you just edit that comment to add more if you had more to say rather than adding to comment bloat?


Sorry. You are right. Wont do that in the future. ( now I edit it) because the site was down.. I was so exicited that I had my witness server up and running that I posted twice... It was not correct. Thx for pointing that out to me.

Do not try to visit the link they will steal you're account especially with newbie, I think there is a kind of script running in the background. Stay safe I already visit the it for you and take screen shots how these phising site look like...

I think this scammer focused on high profiles at the moment! Hope no one trapped to him! Anyway best thing to avoid this FLAG him, call cleaners and RESTEEM your post for let others know!
Thank you very much for sharing this useful message to the community! Actually this is a well planned scam! Really appreciate your effort friend!


Smells like a scam looks like a scam feels like a scam. It is a FKing SCAMMMM!!!!!!

There will always be some crazy dumb people to be jealous of the profit from others .. Keep safe Steemians !

That bastard has put his name as "Bittrex" .He should be removed asap

Very useful or helpful article @onceuponatime
May this will help someone to secure their account.
Scammer are totally crap. Thanks for the awareness.

Spammers & also the Scammers are all around us. They are always as like threats to us with their worst deeds, hampering our normal lifestyles day after day

Yeap, I have seen this one a few times. He will get nuked soon

Thanks for catching this and sharing it with the more vulnerable of us minnows. Upvoted and resteemed.

Watch your back my friend and your comrade. Scammer and Spammer are lurking in the dark wait for a prey...

What a dick

I will get my pitchfork

Thanks. Glad I've read this.just new here at steemit

Cheers... Just took a look and I got the same message 3 hours ago. Thanks for the heads-up!

Important and useful article you sharing @onceuponatime
Thank you.

WTH!!! sharing this, thank you for the heads up.

there will always be people who want to take advantage of every money system. and the scam captivity is becoming more surprising

Thank you for letting us know, have you submitted that to steemcleaners? There is a form you can fill here. I'm not sure if they deal with such cases of abuse, but you have nothing to lose.


I looked at steecleaners to see if this was in their area of concern, but it appears not to be. They concentrate on plagiarists (and that is already more than they can handle LOL)


I see. Well, plagiarism is a plague here, maybe that's why they can't deal with abuse too ;)

Hey @onceuponatime
Very useful article about steemit scammer ...
I hate scamers...
Thank you so much sharing this useful post...

Thank you for this info, it's a good thing that a lot of us here are very vigilant, will share it within our discord channel as well, thank you again.

Seems like a rather transparent way of phishing.

Is anyone really going to fall for that?


There are so many new people driven from Bittrex's bullshit de-listing of bts to the bitshares and steem platforms that, yeah, some newbies might have fallen for it.

Awesome post. Those most of us wouldn't fall for this kinda transparent scam there are a lot of vulnerable and young people who really enjoy Steemit who wouldn't understand what's going on and maybe fall prey to evil twits like this. Resteeming and upvoting and thank you for spreading the word.

Hiii @onceuponatime, very important message delievered in your article about scam alert, we should take serious this warning and do needful action against these scammers. thanks a lot for informing.

thanks for the warning. will resteem this post for all to know.

Thank you for posting this. Resteemed and upvoted for as much visibility as possible! - I truly hope this guy won't be able to scam anyone for a single cent.

Hopefully, people will be smart enough to spot this fake crap if they receive such a wallet-transfer.

Resteemed to let others know of this crappy scammer.

OhHh noo.. scammers everywhere! Thanks for the share... I hope no one fell for this!

upvoted and resteemed. If these people put even 1% of the amount of work into making the world a better place as they do trying to get something for nothing...

Thanks for the warning. Yes hope no one will be scammed.

even if 100 people ignore it and 1 person falls for it, it's probably worth it to them, It only cost them 0.001 SBD per message. I ignore everyone who sends me 0.001, SBD they all want something

Thanks mate!

Thank you for your warning, my friend @onceuponatime! I resteemed Have a wonderful day!

After the servers of Steemit went down today, this scam is even more credible! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the heads up, they are trying this every where, not only for steemit.. Even on sms in Denmark.. So beware everybody..

Thanks for the heads up. That is such a slimy scammer

Also got the same message. Lets all be careful.

I saw another person get a message like that as well. I will warn them the first chance I get!!

Yeah @kyle noticed the same thing as well. Thanks for helping to get the word out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the information. if i receive the same message i will report it and tell the sender to go fornicate a syphilitic donkey

Thanks for giving us a warning. We have to be careful and vigilant in comes of our earnings cause we worked hard for it.

I wouldn't send them shit. From a toliet.

It also spammed my inbox too. I was blessed by this post or else I could have been in trouble. Thank you@onceuponatime

This is serious and it seem everybody on #steemit should get to know about it.This is very important alert...Thank you for leting us know ...resteeming

Scammers are using different methods to scam users. Noce article @onceuponatime

Thank's for the warning, it so helped full,,

Yeah @kyle noticed the same thing as well. Thanks for helping to get the word out!

Thanks @onceuponatime for the heads up. Scammers everywhere trying to rip people off their hard earned cash.

slack is the same.. alway scammers...

Thank you for warning! Hopefully those who want to take anfair advantage of a community like Steem will always be minority.

Thank you for informing us of this fraud and thank you for fighting back and protecting our community.

Omg thank you for letting us know .

thanks for your warning !!!

Thanks you for the info and advice

good post , thank you for shar sir

Thanks for the warnings.

total scammer looks like they are trying to get the big whales.

Report soon to steemit support center, then they will block soon scammer activity for the features.

Copy-paste a message, change the email and website, and ta-da... scam be created...

but they were very helpful at that time..

Thanks !

Restreeming this

good story! wonderful my friend!! they follow

We are important to all of us. great news sir.

For your post propagation.

Shared! TY for posting this!

Thank you very much for informing us.. it's terrible that it's also happening on steemit...

Thank you so much giving a great info

thanks for the warning. Have to vigiliant with all posts.

Very great info..thank you..!

Thanks for sharing! Resteemed!

Nice and i like post you @onceuponatime

Thank you for this informative post. Followed & upvoted