I got scammed online for 10,000

in #scammed4 years ago

I was adding members on Facebook for my business I met a women named Jessica Tammy.She was from Ghana told me she couldn't use Facebook anymore lets download WhatsApp so I did.She was just in love with me and I was in love with her naked pics and all sexy talk mostly I can wait to be in your arms.So I was suppose to get her here to me she was saying she had gold for use to live on from her pasted father.i sent 2400 at first she said we waited to long and they couldn't refund the money then had to marry her another 4000 then the last plane ticket 2500 said she got stuck in the U.K. Wanting another 9000 to be released She was lying the whole time I found her gold online never chatted again now I got to pay all this back.

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