Where Are Your Papers? Where Is Your Star?

in #scamdemic12 days ago

Commenting on this segment of a livestream by Rebel Media:

I challenged someone the other day on the comparison of "today vs Nazi Germany". No, we are not living in Nazi Germany (1939 onward). What I am saying, in our need to oppose these scamdemic* is that we are in the days of Germany 1928-1935, we're not talking the Holocaust, or killing people because of their religion, or because of their ethnic background or disabilities.

And anyone who jumps immediately to this conclusion without attempting to have a discussion on the subject is either uneducated or ignorant.

The point I am making is that if you allow government the freedom to oppress people, if you allow them the freedom to overstep their boundaries as servants of their constituents, if you allow them to appoint non-elected persons to enforce non-sensical illegal unconstitutional laws... then you are laying the groundwork for what may come. The point of this legal democratic process of standing up and saying NO is to prevent history from repeating itself.

What would have happened had the Germans in pre-WWII Germany stood up and opposed the oppression of the Jews, opposed the taking of guns from legal gun owners, opposed the public shaming and condemning of those who did not support the narrative? I have given several examples in the past of how our current state parallels many things that happened in the years leading up to Hitler's ultimate control over Germany, things like forcibly closing businesses, arresting people just for being out on the street, ticketing and fining people for not following orders, checking papers of people on the street for compliance, and the list goes on and on.

Here we see another interesting parallel between now and those years. The unexplainable and illegal need to make mask-exempt individuals wear a yellow sticker to identify them as having a medical exemption to others who are just shopping in the store. I told you months ago that this was coming, and back then people mocked and laughed at me. Well, guess what, here you go.

Does this not sound familiar to you, or did you only read the censored leftist snowflake version of history in Nazi Germany between 1928-1945?

Just do it, it's just a policy, it's just a yellow sticker, it's just a mask, it's just a policy mate.