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RE: @booster BidBot Users are Getting Potentially CHEATED!! Find Out Why In This Blog!!!

in #scam4 years ago

Breaking News! Oopsie, I guess you don't realize nobody delegates to it besides Fyrst. SMH.

Your analysis is as good as your chart predictions.


exactly ty @whatsup - not informed + nonsense advice + 100% masturb8or selflover . . . .disgusting

he has no idea of whats really going on because he is so busy upvoting himself.

I am guessing he operates the most effective pump and dump scheme which is why he hides his identity

oooooh. *makes some popcorn

Mehn not good at all . Someone with a rating of about 80 and i just got to 46 after some real hard work @whatsup .My blog shows hard work as i try to grow it . Why dont you let me know that rather than downvoting me not fair. The delegation i actually used i worked hard for weeks and just loose it not fair man. I therefore implore you to do something about it as i believe that you are capable of a lot and can help people like me grow. Down here its not so easy cos the world is always good when your view is from the top. Its a hardway of teaching a the post you downvoted its original and actually got RESTEEMED thrice by different accounts for content. I am of the view you didnt take a look at it cos you might have had a change of heart am not going to write you a litany cos obviously am not the first neither would i be the last what am saying is that maybe booster indicates that @fyrstikken should be the sole delegator. I dont know why am of the view that you would have a change of heart and maybe be like a mentor to me @haejin and help me grow i promise not to let you down. Below is the link to the downvoted work pleeaase do well to repair the damage and make my life on steemit great again. Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you @haejin i am @kamiikazer the divine wind.

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