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The hype regarding online jobs are on its high at the moment especially with the Filipino communities. There were the captcha encoders, resellers and the usual pyramid schemes.

I wanted to see if I can make a lot of money as these members for these programs are saying. Anyway, I looked around and this caught my eyes.

These are the offers the members will tell you when they advertise.
You get 100 pesos every time you log in, you get follow bonus, sign up bonus, group bonus and it’s free to sign up. Wow that sounds great, so I started to research.

My first step was to look at their website. Their website was pretty good but when you look at it properly there are RED FLAGS everywhere.

I’m going to use the word RED FLAG on everything I find suspicious so you readers will look at it closely if you even considering joining this pluggle.

FIRST RED FLAG website have no link to their About Page, How it Works Page and worst to their Terms and Conditions Page. There are no information about this pluggle except their recruitment video on their website.
I approached one of their members and I also asked to be signed up. By the way, you can’t just sign up straight from their website, you need to have an sponsor.

So, I have signed up using my sponsor and I was in. Once logged in, the dashboard have no information regarding Pluggle as well and most of the links don’t work. Apparently you need to activate your account and you need a code to do so. You can’t get this code right away from the dashboard on their website so I asked my sponsor regarding the code.

According to my sponsor the code cost 1000 pesos but not to worry because I will get it back when I log in 12 times on my account which I will get 100 pesos per log in and I already got 100 from signing up which I did get and appearing on my account dashboard. I did my calculation to see if I will get my money back… so that’s 12 login for 100 each plus the 100 pesos in my account for signing up (12 x 100 + 100 = 1300 pesos) This looks like I will get my money back plus profit.

I am convinced and I asked my sponsor I’m willing to buy the code, so I asked How do I get the code are you going to give it to me? My sponsor said I will need to get my code from her up-line and I was given instruction where to deposit the money.

What? I need to send money to this other person for the activation codes? My sponsor connected me to her up-line through Facebook messenger then invited me on their Facebook group chat because my sponsor can’t answer my many questions. On their group chat, these are the information I gathered.

What is pluggle? According to their members pluggle originated in Malaysia and established 5 years ago but just started in Philippines. It is an advertising company.

They say pluggle is advertising company yet they don’t have clients. Their supposedly advertising platform / dashboard which you paid for, for 1000 pesos, have no information or a hint about advertising. Members only say they advertise pluggle, yes of course you need to do that so that you get recruits to give you money.

Their pay out is hard to resist as well, imagine that you will get 100 pesos per log in, you got 100 pesos when you signed up, you get 100 pesos per recruit, you get 60 pesos every time your recruits login in 12 times and you get a 400 when you complete your first level (meaning you managed to recruit 2 person to fill your left and right downline).
Let’s do the maths
100 when I signed up + (12 x 100) my max bonus log in = 1300 pesos
Yes I got my money back plus 300 profit. Now I want to cash out. YOU CAN’T!!!

Your cash out need to be a minimum of 2000.
Ok I will just keep going to get that 2000 pesos.
I managed to recruit 2 person to fill my first level (left and right leg).
100 x 2 = 200 pesos for my 2 recruits
2 x 12 x 60 = 1440 pesos I get when my 2 recruits did their bonus 12 max log in
400 I get for filling my first level
I now have a total of 1300 + 200 +1440 + 400 = 3340 pesos
Now I can definitely cash out because I’m way over that 2000 pesos minimum. YOU CAN’T!!!

Your cash out is when you sell an activation codes to your down line. This means your 2 down line have to have recruits as well for you to sell them that activation code. (No wonder why my sponsor said I need to pay this other person).

Why are you selling activation code, for what? You are not selling products or anything why do you need activation code. This is the ONLY WAY TO GET YOUR ACCRUED MONEY INSIDE PLUGGLE.

This is when crap starts to fall. What happens if your 2 down line can’t get recruits? You have a 3340 pesos sitting in your pluggle account but you cannot get it because you can’t sell activation code. This is the only way you can get your money.

My opinion.
Pluggle is probably started by someone who is a web developer and who also came up with the idea. The missing links on their website is not just an error from programming, it is because the person or people behind this are also aware of the consequences if the public start asking questions.

Haven’t you learned your lesson? Do you remember emgoldex and gold extreme? This is similar or worst.
I have laid out what involve in pluggle, now it’s your decision whether it is a scam or legit.

Yes you will get your pay out, when you sell codes to your down line because THE MONEY IS PHYSICALLY COMING FROM YOUR DOWN LINE or THE NEW RECRUIT. Pluggle is only showing you numbers but THEY ARE NOT THE ONE PAYING YOU.


Thanks for this information. Really appreciate it.
Is there any red flag that you can add that you you forgot or what?
I'm helping my friend to get his investment. Maybe we can offer the codes for half the price lol

This is a very helpful iunformation. I would like to post this on my facebook account. I'll Link your account naman po.

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