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RE: The BitConnect scam exposed

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And also resteem if you feel like it, to warn others and keep me motivated to write more articles like this one. Thank you for your support!


Definitely resteeming. I've been seeing a lot of hype about Bitconnect. It sure looked like a Ponzi scheme to me. What had me SMH was the number of people getting excited who don't really have the expendable income to risk. A fool and his cryptocurrency are soon parted, but I still hate to see it. Your breakdown of how Bitconnect actually works and the true risk involved could help to take some of the shine off of this scam. Thanks for putting this together.

Thank you for the resteem and the feedback!

Awesome quote! "A fool and his cryptocurrency are soon parted"

Welcome! I was scammed early on by something like this when I first entered Bitcoin. They took 8 BTC. They had a better looking site then Bitconnect even and eventually went quiet and took off. Scary times!

I'd fully support an article that breaks down Onecoin for the masses. If you have the time at some point.

I know nothing about this coin, sorry.

Yeah, looks like it. Please flag Craig Grant's YouTube referral video from above, he's absolutely shameless! He still claims it's not a scam and giving out his referral link right on this post!

That's Craig.. its like the natural profits from blockchain tech is not enough, he has to keep pushing those with referrals on to people and does it actively on his channel. Poor users who don't know better and follow him blindly...

Wish I could but due to my curation trail I don't flag posts as everyone would have to agree on it and could cause unnecessary drama, will link it to though for others to decide.

Not sure why, but I don't have the resteem option. Would really like to share this.

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