DO NOT DOWNLOAD FAKE DTube App on your Android Phone

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My idea of being on Steemit is to disclose scam project in the crypto world one per day. But when I started to learn how Steemit works today by searching keyword " Scam". I found about this. It directly affects Steemit community, we all need to let more people aware this ongoing scam.

Ok, so I was literally searching scam on Steemit and saw the article about the scam app #DTube shared by @emdesan . Poor lady, so sorry for you. All her earnings on Steemit got stolen. I then went ahead to see what's happening with this fake app. I heard a lot of good things about @Dtube before I joined Steemit. Hate how good product being taken advantage by #evils Be careful Steemians.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 6.08.50 PM.png

First of all, the logo color is in black, also there's nowhere shown this is official or not.
it said,"yes a dtube android app" which means nothing official.


so double check before you choose to download. Read reviews!!!! There have been a lot of reviews which told everyone this is a scam Dtube app. Do not download.


This is where things got tricky. When they ask your Steemit master key. this is basically where you got everything screwed.

I hope the community and @Dtube can help and have this fake app removed from Google store.

Upvote and comment, make more people aware!

One side note: the whole Steemit user experience is still hardly mobile friendly as a whole. As the community grows, people are expecting easier and more convenient user experience.

Teacher Zorro


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thanks for information