Tronlink (Scam) Free Coins Airdrop

in #scam2 years ago

Today i got scammed and hacked 14 usdt from my tronlink mobile wallet. Me and lots of users are getting free coins and notification of free coins in tronlink wallet Like This

Screenshot_20210801-164028_TronLink Pro.jpg

All these coins are TRC10 mostly which is useless as well. All the coins in trx ecosystem use trc20 chain .
When we add these coins into our tronlink wallet , there we find some msgs like to claim visit this site etc.

When you try to swap from those links it costs higher trx in form of transaction and you wont get anything in return, you loose your transactio fees.

This is the way they hack or manupulate our account when we use their provided swap platform I think their site collects our wallet's data or some critical secure information .

14 usdt hacked automatically without even any confirmation after 1 min of swap. I swapped my trx into usdt. After 1 min balance became 0 when i checked transaction, it was showing as -14 usdt and balance was sent to another account (scammer /hacker account)

I swapped scam coins 1 month ago but today i got hacked.

Never add and use or swap such scam coins in tronlink or any other wallets.

Never add or swap scam coins in tronlink mobile app and extension

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