Coinbase Phishing Scam!!!

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Hey -- just wanted to let all you Coinbase users know, I received an email that looked like it was from Coinbase.., that said a "New Device" tried to access my account from Russia (Im in NYC) and to click on one link to confirm it was "me".., or click on another link to say it was "not me" and regain access to my account.

But when you look at the email address for Coinbase at the top of the email.., it says "" not I checked my account and everything was fine, nobody had tried to access my account.., but these scammers were just trying to get you to change your password so they would be able to access it.

Just a HEADS-UP to be aware of this kind of email coming from Conbase -- not Coinbase… There are scammers everywhere. Cheers!

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What will they try next?

Of course, if you're using Google Authenticator, then phishing for passwords won't necessarily allow the attackers to get into your account. And Coinbase encourages use of Authenticator.


No doubt about it, you must use double authentication. I forgot to take a screenshot of the email before I nuked it -- it looked very real.., some of these scammers are good!

Thanks! I will tell people I know who are on coinbase!

Good looking out. One small character change can make a huge difference.


And you had to really look to see that it wasn't from the actual Coinbase...

Thanks for that as i have a coinbase account to


My pleasure...

thanks for this infos


You got it!

thanks for this awareness


Be careful if you use Coinbase.., and get any weird emails!

The name is like a scammer naming his site or


Funny I know... But you had to click on the sender to see it -- sneaky bastards!

oooo thanks for the heads up!


You got it!

Thank you for Info ^^ the Same thing with Geabest I recieved an email look like it was from geabest telling me I bought something I did not buy it ^^ they Trick was in invoice They Tell you download it & it's " exe File " with icon of pdf :)


They're everywhere!


This is really cool :)))