Alert Cryptodao[dot]com Scam

in scam •  2 years ago 

I won't write this if the admin of cryptodao is cooperative. The fact he stole my PPT token worth 3.5 BTC.

Here is the chronology. I sent 2000 PPT token to cryptodao but on 11 July the token delisted. here is the address of PPT token in cryptodao.

scam 11.png

here is the link of transaction history

The admin not admit the wallet addres belong to cryptodao and accuse me of blackmailing.

scam 1.png
scam 2.png
scam 3.png
scam 4.png
scam 5.png
scam 6.png
scam 7.png
scam 8.png
scam 9.png
scam 10.png
That's enough Only me who the victim of the scammer of cryptodao. Do you want to be like me? Just deal with

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Hi I have the same problem with the PPT token in Cryptodao and I buy PPT to this Site. But my wiyhdrawal still pending and and itsn´t come to my ETH wallet, and worse, they don't response the mail support since 48h.

Sorry to hear that. I've recently had similar issues and have documented it here:

I noticed that PPT is cheap on etherdelta. Do you think cryptodao is dumping tokens there?

Cryptodao admin manipulate members to deposit there but the coin not added to the account. Then he refuse to refund with reasons the wallet isn't his. Look at the first image that wallet belongs to cryptodao. Then he asked to download fake token in fact official web is I think he has planed the scam scenario. Cryptodao is the biggest scammer he has not influence to do dumping. PPT at the first two days is 7.11 etherdelta. Cryptodao has no exchange of PPT. Only List PPT to manipulate the members.