I don’t believe it

in scam •  16 days ago

So the story goes that a crypto exchange lost all of its funds with his founder who died.


Technically this is possible.


But can you imagine having an exchange and only one person having access to the funds, no security backup. That would be so stupid.

I can only imagine this must be a scam.

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Good news. This diminshes the number of awailable coins. Lol.


I don’t think they are gone......

Sounds like a centralized system haha

Dear @knircky, of course It Is! The crypto Is the Heaven of scamners, with Icos, Exchange, etc.
It seems that anarcky Is the only law in crypto...:(((

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While I really don't like the whole idea of regulation and government interference, one of the growing shortcomings of these decentralized projects is people also have the "freedom" to do all sorts of scammy things.

I think too much has been assumed about people "being honest" because it allegedly is a transparent system... but most scammers don't care, or will find the workaround... and, unfortunately, it ends up reflecting badly on the whole industry.

Oh. This must be a heartbreak news to many people on that exchange

If it's a scam there must be part 2 where an anynomous hacker Stella's the funds. As long as they stay put it seems fine. If I were to exit scam like this I would now wait a few years before taking the money

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Sounds like total and complete bullshit. Either way it show why this space NEEDS more regulation. While I hate government interference in business there are just to many shady and completely stupid people out there responsible for people's hard earned money right now.


I understand your point. I feel we need cryptosolutions for this in my book.


This is the type of issues that holds back some of the largest investors out there. Crypto being the "wild west" offers some interesting opportunities, but overall it's holding back the entire asset class.

I read about this exchange already in morning but nothing was mention about this small point of his dead. Crazy, that nobody have a backup of it.... if it's true, they are more as stupid.

Maybe the guy really is dumb enough to believe that he could get away with it :-D

Ye it smells like a scam, or the exchange platform was so small that it was a 1 mens effort to succeed :D

Clear scam or gross negligence as the development of multi-sog features are well known and any serious professional and responsible exchanges must have these situations in mind when being created.

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