PSA: New Scam/Phishing Attempt Going Around! - DO NOT VISIT THAT SITE!

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Just got an interesting transfer to my account, Look at the message below:

( Sorry for the hard to read image, the memo is repeated below )

NOTICE! We have detected unusual or unauthorized activity in your account. Your account may have been hacked or otherwise compromised. As a precautionary measure we have secured your funds. We have frozen all funds in your account for your protection. There has been a breach of Steemit Security and several accounts have been blocked. No further transactions will be permitted in this account pending further investigation. Your funds are safe and secure and will be held in our trust account for 30 days pending return of these funds to you. In the event of any loss your account balances are guaranteed and secured by Steemit. We will notify you when we have completed our investigation. Please provide us with your email address and contact us regarding verification of your account. You will be required to provide certified copies of Government Identification Documents for account verification when claiming the return of your funds. Our email address is: [email protected] Thank you for your patience. Please contact Account Security at:

A new phishing attempt going around.. Be careful folks! That isn't a real Steemit Inc Site.. @accounttransfers is the idiots behind this new scam attempt.. Bugger off noob!


They will steal your password and account, the internet is full of scammer bastards and it appears this one is trying to get into STEEM accounts.. Always be careful and safe!

Please upvote & resteem this for maximum exposure!

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for Witness!

Here's a good rule to live by:

If someone sends you a link that you didn't request, DO NOT CLICK ON IT.

Even if you did request a link - be careful. And never, ever, EVER sign into Steemit with your master key. EVER!!!

Use your posting key to sign in. Use your active key to sign transfers. That's it.

Please stop falling for obvious scams, people. It's your own fault if you do.

oh,that's helpful, I was seeking for answer about the proper use of active key and master key and here is the answer.Thanks a lot.

Yes... I will note your advice

you totally right... ! I always check the website first before I log in... and i dont just log in if asking me to log in !!!...

"people are stupid, they are not responsible for their responsibility" is how the government rolled since like, ever.

I guess we as steemians have this obligation to make sure every one with some amount of steem to understand the basic laws you've just pointed out.

So how or where do i go to deferetiate between my master and actives??? Scary

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thanks for sharing

If anyone send you the link which u have never seen before going to it just get information about it if u do not get anything proof about that just try to ignore it...or if they say to login it...just ignore and leave that page or web instantly..😊😊

Thanks for the warning @klye

Another scam which I’m sure will catch a few people out. Not a target rich environment though as most invoked in crypto and technically literate. That is changing though with the likes of bitconnect dragging in anyone who thinks they can ‘invest’ and that makes them a crypto expert! There will always be some who will fall for it though.

Thank you for bringing this information, very helpful to us. I have seen some posts, it is very dangerous for the steemian especially newcomers.

I hope, hopefully erroneous accounts like that directly obliterated.

that black image is purely visible only at a certain angle :) seems fishy to everyone who had been through saving his own PC of hardcore malware and viruses...

lol @ [email protected]


It sucks this sort of crap works to scam people.

Thank You @klye for the warning..............

Thanks for the info! upvoted, followed and resteemed.

Cheers thethreehugs! Appreciate the resteem, vote and follow of course!

Of course, I muted him!

Once again, good looking out old son!

Appreciate you warning us about this phishing scam going around.

In the end ,, the bad once will always loss..
hope one day, they could understand

One of the shortfall of this crypto space, TO MUCH SCAMMERS, they have infested SLACK and their clone sites are all over, I know quite a few people promoting their supposedly free crypto links here

The lack of ability to reverse transactions seems to lure in scammers more than any other community.. I totally get what you are saying!

careful, they are scammers.

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Such important warning for all of the steemian. It is my duty to let my friends know about it by resteem it.
and Thanks to you @klye for the info.

upvoted and resteemed this is a very good warning to all of us here on steemit. Thank you @kyle for the info...

Scammers have no life. Retweeting this on my twitter page.

Thank you for the warning.

@klye Really great post.

Thanks for sharing @klye..

The way they've stated all these things are sufficient to recognize them as fraud.

First of all, if your account is hacked, only person got to know is affected Steemian, not even Steemit could recognize that. The only way remains - recovery of account from attacked Steemian.

Secondly, they're asking for IDs, bull sh*t, it'll happen on Steemit, instead you should keep funds in Savings to protect. Steemit not asking any further docs to protect or deal with your funds..

And, Third is damn their email ID..OMG !! I can't stop laughing looking at their gmail ID..!!😂😂

Steemit trust/Authority board using gmail...!!!

I love faucets as I think its a great way to get people interested in crypto. I must be too much of a small fry because I havent seen anything like this yet, but thanks for sharing

hmmm thanks for the heads up

Scammers gonna scam.

Steemers gonna Steem.

Glad to see this post with high visibility, good stuff @klye

nice post kawan ,,,
I really like the same post you ....

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Thanks for the warning

Sometimes I wish we had private message function here, but it would probably be full of phishing attempts. At least they have to send you 0.001 SBD to contact you

You find a great info..thanks for introduce

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I had the same message with a $0.001 transfer.

Damn, the scammer has certainly went out of his way to try to deceive people.. -_-

Do not try to visit the link they will steal you're account especially with newbie, I think there is a kind of script running in the background. Stay safe I already visit the it for you and take screen shots how these phising site look like...

Ah. Thanks for sharing your link with relevant information..!

Thanks to post

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Great thanks for the warning post @klye

You are welcome. Warn your friends and family!


Everyone please resteem this to get the word around, good catch, and thanks for the warning.
upvoted & resteemed

Thanks for your informed @klye..👍

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Thanks for this scam notice, I'll do well to avoid. You've been very helpful.

hackers ... they getting more and more ideas to hacked people! !!.. this is just another way to scam... haysss... i had a look his account. .. his really a SCAMMER !!!!!

Thanks for alerting us. :)

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Thanks for the warning

Thanks for this helpful information
The simple rule is that don't ever use your master password to log in any site.
use your posting key for log in and if you want to transfer then use your active key,that simple.
Do not get scammed be in safe side and follow the security rule[posting & active key]
Be careful have a good day.

Nice info brother, and at least in this case, "you are fully responsible with everything you've done"
Upvote 4 u

I can only hope someone puts a vice grip on their balls for 30 days. That would teach them a lesson. I really don’t get wants so GOD DAM HARD about trying to earn money the honest way. If people put their effort into more honest shit then this they might get somewhere in life.

There are a few different kinds of phishing scams going around as of late. I can only hope something like this warrants a ban from steemit or something else.

I got it too, looks like they hit high rep. accts here around the same time, likely just sorted the columns on Steemwhales and banged us all off at the same time.

what smart thinking that person had. hmm who are the people who would call you out and let it be known asap lol.

People are so dumb.

thank you for your work, upvoted and following for more!

Thanks for the heads up!

I hate when people take something great like Steemit and try rob people by phishing them. That sucks.

Wow thanks. That really educated me to what can happend on this site. Again thanks for the heads up.

yea scammers for sure! Thanks for the share Kyle :) was hoping for a new photo of ya! LOL

Thanks for the heads up bro!

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Damn, I am sure many newbies would have fallen for that. Between why is your steemit snapshot black. Any extension?

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Nice brother. Please help me to earn more. I upvote u. Please upvote me

they try to scam a wrong person, and get a very well exposure.
thank you so much kyle for the warning.
have to be extra careful

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Thank you your post is a very useful information, I like this

thank you klye for very helpful information.

I got it too, looks like they hit high rep. accts here around the same time, likely just sorted the columns on Steemwhales and banged us all off at the same time.

I think you may be right Barry... -_-

follow me please!! ;) NICE!

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