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RE: The BitConnect scam exposed

in #scam7 years ago

when i saw this project i had red light right away due to:

  • fake volume, they made coinmarketcap to add their own exchange and thats where vol was
  • fake promises (ponzi style) of crazy % getting back
  • ref program paying extra % on top of this

3 signs of a scam to me.


Hi! bitconnect is working fine for me. there are many redflags but also many (greenflags?).
You can choose to consider either side. Bitconnect, just like many things in crypto is governed by the rule invest what you're willing to lose.

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You are a special kind of stupid aren't you? Can't get a real name and peddle your snake oil on the same thread discounting everything you're selling. How about an address and history of EXACTLY who runs this outfit so when they flake off with your money you can hunt them down? Bet that's not in their "About" page now is it. It's a front to take, take, take until they no longer make a profit and then they TAKE a nice long vacation sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas in them while chuckling at stupid jokes on a beach located in a non-extraditable country. When will we start handing out marbles to little kids again so society doesn't keep raising all these idiots that are ripping off the world and flushing our morals down the toilet? /facepalm

How about getting paid for over a year without a hiccup just like they said ?

ofcourse it works.. until they stop having new investors.. then the thing collapses and all you money is gone.

That is true. However, I PERSONALLY feel their collapse is still far away. I mean, as we speak they're hosting their first annual ceremony.

It will probably collapse at a high point like this.. Before any signs so people don't retrieve the money... I hope it makes profits for another 280 days thought.. .

Where did you find out about this fake volume? I like the post man its making me think rethink, check out my experience with it I jus posted this.

United states debt based fiat currency
#fake promises
#interest on inflation
i would rather trust bitconnect then gamble on usd.
see you at the finish line.

here here, i stuck 1k into the platform and the returns a week later we nuts. i've reinvested everything and am putting in a total of 5k within 60 days. haters be damned xD

So far it has paid out pretty well. I have no referrals and 1/4 my seed loan back already in 2 weeks. I think the way I'm doing it I cannot hurt anyone but myself, so its a risk I was willing to make in the hopes of paying off the 98k in college loans I have to pay :\

Yeah, bitcoin a scam, bitconnect a scam and we daily go and exchange a piece of paper for buying goods and services ... and now a plastic ... with inflation at 3-4 % ... isn't USD the biggest SCAM ? or do we trust govt's printing press more!! I only invested .5 BTC and in 90 days I will make 100% return ... let them run away with my initial investment ... I will still be much better off as compared to keeping it in bank for 1% interest.

Secondly I don't say that it is or isn't a scam ... the thing is that ... there is no story ... video ... coverage of press ... of a single incident where they have stolen someone's money, ran away with it or done something that is against law.

I will post my experience in a month's time ... let's see if it is a scam .. if it is I will atlas have a proof!

I recently decided to see whether this is for real or not. 2 days in heh.

So as an experiment, I invested 1600 USDs into the platform and now I am at over 2100 USDs in like 10 days by compounding ... This works .... But I will not invest any more money ... I like to diversify and moreover when I get back my 1600 USDs ... from my side ... bitconnect can go to hell ... all what I care about is ROI :) ... I am to a hater and as I said before USD is the biggest scam with no supply limit and government's printing presses churning them out like NOODLES from a factory :) ... I will rather trust a privately owned ponzy scam rather then the biggest scam (USD) on earth that only finances wars :) .... hahahahahaha

Yes, they paid me and their website was down due to a glitch in the website ... now they are up and running ... Coinbase and other websites also have such days ... their is risk in every investment ... :) .. But it is not a scam for me.

Atleast way better as compared to the USD scam where the printing press of FED prints as many of these paper notes as possible.

I'm guessing you are a happy man 2% the last couple of days with the crazy volatility! :)

what is the update of your experience?

Upxate please its 3 months on..

Its very true, i want everyone to think about this. We are trusting our savings, our bills, our lives on what....Paper and some metals! Lets diversify and dont knock it till you've tried it! #cryptolife

i have invested 500 dollars and i have taken in 2000.00 bring me more ponzi's like this. i like them.

Know what? Long as u take your initial investment & profits & remove them from bitconnect clutches, I'm sure you'll be A-OK. Play with house $ and you can't lose. It's only the suckers on the tail end that get hosed!

Helluva point you made there. However, the worthless usd will still be floating around long after bitconnect is dead & stinking! Honestly, I can't imagine how they've propped it up this long.

It's most definitely a ponzi scheme, I mean whenever you see GUARANTEED, run for the hills! 10% annually is difficult to believe for sizable investments, let alone a few hundred percent. It's laughable. Unfortunately many will fall for this.


he has a lot of nerve talking about bad english and misspelling. look at his english, he posted this under the bad english topic, so they are going to shot down the site huh?
also he looks to be a russian most likely from the russian federation, look how he puts his $ sign after the amount. in america we put the $ first then the number. he is most likely promoting another site like bitconnect that is a russian ponzi scheme and bitconnect is in his way.
They want to reduce the costs as much as possible until they shot down the site.


I had a couple hundred dollars burning a hole in my posket, so I thought I'd test drive this scam. I did the same thing with PB Mining when it was blazing away full steam ahead. Got my money back because I got in early I guess. Hopefully this will be the same, but we will see. Soon I'm going to post my progress so you all can see. Let's do this together! haha

Please please post about your success :)

I would add that any new business that has more than 1 tier affiliate marketing, looks dodgy at best. Bitconnect are deffinitelly 100% scam


Are you saying they OWN coinmarketcap ?

Nah just saying they are criminals!

Just watch this. if you have the courage to get pls do but go in with $200 . it's easy to get your money back and then start making money and you are safe.
Watch the video below, just calm your nerves and listen. you can counter the explanation with facts and equations of your own.

But if you need to register just click on this to register

those parameters fit with to to a degree, but it is still legit and the devolopers are working their ass off to get a good altcoin wallet. So average joe's don't need to deal with compiling wallets and have all this clients installed on their pc.

BitPetite is way better. higher returns and less risk because your initial investment is only locked up for 6 or 9 weeks. you can deposit in BTC, LTC or ETH so no need to buy and lend a different coin. i'm earning huge amounts of BTC while alts are struggling

I tried your link to Bitpetite and it doesn't go anywhere. Can you explain to me how its better?

NOW THAT'S A SCAM - NOT bitconnect

and how about now...(bitconnect)

Does today too :) At the proper price!

Pretty funny reading through some of these comments today. There's no telling some people, they have to make their own mistakes.

History repeating itself so many times with these scams!

yes, but interestingly, if you look on average, posters warning have higher reputation, posters liking bit.diss.connect on average have lower reputation. Just sayin... ;-)

A large number of those low rep accounts seem to be made just for the purpose of defending bitgoneekkk, it was an army of shill accounts all over social media. Looking back they did a good job of rallying their victims into attacking the "haters", easy to see them on steemit but more difficult to tell on youtube.

Ah yes, that makes sense, that's why those accounts are still at 25. And like you point out, another advantage of Steemit ;-)

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