Please Help - I Just Got Scammed 😭😭

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How would you feel when after working so hard to earn a few $$ by making quality posts, comments etc and someone just comes from the blues to steal your hard earned SBD?😡😡


It was past midnight already but I decided to make a post(as a hardworking Steemian)😁😁 before hitting the bed.

The current rise in the price of SBD got me all smiles as I punched keys upon keys on my laptop.

I remembered I needed to get a few things this week and decided to sell off some SBDs in exchange for cash to enable me purchase those items this week.

Little did I know that my plans would be halted be a greedy somebody.

I picked up my phone and went straight to the Airhawk exchange community on Telegram.

Air-hawk Exchange is an exchange platform built on the Steem blockchain for converting SBDs and STEEMs into cash. They are the middle man between the buyer and the seller. It is a trust worthy platform as I have exchanged SBDs successfully in time past from the exchange community. They have a whatsapp and Telegram community where transaction is made in the open. SBD is sent to Airhawk Exchange with the buyer's name as the memo and then the buyer goes ahead to pay the seller. After the seller must have confirmed receipt of payment, the SBD is then released to the buyer.

It was already 2 am and as such, I was almost certain there wouldn't be a anyone available but to buy but I decided to give it a try anywhere.

I made my intention known in the group but didn't get a response from anyone and had already decided to go to bed instead when I got a PM(personal message) from a certain DreamChaser.

Dreamchaser is the name of the founder of the Airhawk community exchange group.

So I felt I was safe dealing with the admin, I mean, he had his reputation to protect right?

He(fake dreamchaser) told me I could send the SBD to blocktrades with a certain memo: b2e609c9-ac26-4d9b-9866-f32fec69c26a.

Again, I felt I could trust him, I didn't listen to the signs. Painfully I didn't believe the signs.....

He told me Airhawk Exchange needed more Delegation power and as such, needs to buy more SBDs.

Heaven knows I had doubts. My instincts told me I shouldn't continue with the transaction but I was adamant.

I know right? Stubborn geh....

Few minutes after sending the SBD to him, he was yet to credit me and I sent him messages, asking for my money to be sent to my account as I would love to go to bed.

He didn't reply......

He came back few minutes telling me he's sorry for the delay.

I just knew something was fishy but I prayed my instincts were lying to me.

Before I knew what was happening, he had started deleting chats.

After several minutes of waiting without a reply, I gave up.

I knew I had been scammed.

Just then, he changed his name from Dreamchaser to Sam EtherLink CEO and then thereafter, Terry, shortly after, he soon changed to Thomson.

He probably has a thing for T'

Painful thing is I wasn't the only one who got scammed, another steemian also got scammed of 6 STEEM at about the same time I got scammed of 20 SBD.

@folly-pandy sent 6 STEEM to him in exchange for cash to enable him support a friend who was stranded in Port Harcourt and now this?

I feel so angry about this....
I feel so sad for him too because I know he most definitely wouldn't go Scott free.

I didn't steal no SBDs. I worked hard for them and ain't nobody stealing them from me.

I was stupid, I know
I was careless, I know

But that isn't enough for one to cheat another all in a bid to make gain.

Well, I do hope this post serves as a warning to many Steemians out there who would also love to exchange their STEEM/SBD for cash.

There are scammers everywhere. Don't fall like I did.

I learned the hard way, please learn from my lesson.

Attached below are few screenshots to prove this claim....

My chat with him

His chat with @folly-pandy

His chat with @folly-pandy after deleting his chats like he did with mine

My chat with him after he had successfully deleted all chats

The real dreamchaser, admin

I learnt he has several accounts so take note

P.S: if you'd like to console us with some SBD's or STEEM, please do well to send it to any of us.
@julietisrael, @folly-pandy and it'll be greatly appreciated.

An upvote and/or a resteem to get the word out there would also be greatly appreciated.

My name is Juliet Israel and I just got scammed. 🙆🏻‍♀✌🏻


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Oh woah

Sorry dear


Hi, @one-person
No picture today?




You’re sha one stupid boy 😂😂😂 ahan



@ericdyce come and carry your brother

  ·  last year (edited)

Oh so sorry my dear shit happen get over it. He is just a loser OK always remember hard work pays off. Always contact @emekacollins and @honourmaus for for ur daliy transactions they are well known active steemains on the community with honour and dignity and high sense of reputation with them your sbd and steem is save. See you at the top @julietisreal

Sorry for your loss but always send to airhawk-exchange even if dey pm your on a deal that way u can always get back your sbd if u choose to pull out from a deal.


And please before trading any cryptocurrency on a group especially on telegram always ask for the rules and take out time to read through it. Because it's pined on airhawk-exchange telegram group


Sorry dear. Its so painful.


Thanks much Igwe, it's a lesson learned

This is important to understand, and watch for.
Thanks for sharing your experience.


@surfyogi thanks for supporting her post.
God bless you sir


Yes Sir, very important, thanks much

  ·  last year (edited)

Sorry for your loss mate.. It would have been a horrible experience.. Thank you for spreading the word! @julietisrael

Upvoted & Following You!


My phone messed up on


Thanks much @pkalra

Sorry about ur loss sister.
I saw ur chat in 9ja pidgin.
My deepest condolences 😭
I too was almost scammed by him


I am so sorry about that dear....
I'm glad you've moved on

Sorry this happened to you. I believe you will be made whole before this is all over. I don't know because I'm not familiar with your bank but is that private information in those screenshots? Just something to watch out for. I wouldn't want you to lose any more.

Oh oh so sorry hun
I’m so sorry once again ....
Some people are just out here trying to rub people off their hard earned rewards from posts made ...
It’s good you made the post immediately ... so someone else doesn’t fall victim.

Sorry hun 😔

Sorry momma, 20 sbd is fucking huge...

Sorry this is happened to you. Your post have been upvoted and resteemed too so that others can learn from the experience.
Follow @giving-girl I am here to support the community

Sorry dear
But it is better you use but go through the T&C first.

Wow! So sorry @julietisrael, Its so unfortunate. I don't know why people think scamming is the way to go. He will not go unpunished. Thank you for sharing.

Oh sorry for been scammed. Please always be careful, thou you've learned your lesson but life goes on... Sorry dear.


Owww So sorry dear, 20 sbd is really huge oo presently.. Its actually a lesson not to sell via p.m messages especially if you dont know dem personally.

20 damn SBD? That's huge na.. So sorry about that. Please, I'd like to ask you some private questions about SBD, cash transfer, etc. Maybe on facebook; Princewill Isikong is my fb id. Thanks


Please kindly add me up on discord @julietisrael#8805


I'm not on discord yet... Having issues downloading apps with my phone.. Is there no other way we can chat?


Okay, I'll look you up on Facebook
Just that I hardly come online there

Lol, cheers

This is really so sad. People need to know this. Don't deal on dm. They keep saying this. Why are people so greedy to steal from another who has worked hard.

Sorry about the loss sis, dont take it too hard on yourself.
Well things happen...
Do accept the little token...😘


I love you so much, thanks for the support dear

  ·  last year (edited)

Still couldn't believe when i heard it. So sorry about the huge loss dear. Thanks for spreading the news though. @julietisrael

THanks for the heads up @julietisrael. I would surely be on the watchout.

Sorry about that; always make the transaction open to everyone.

I feel for you @julietisrael.

I will watch out for this

Sorry about your loss big sis love, this is painful oo but dont worry, you will recover each and every one of it..

So sorry about your loss...

Sorry about that baby.
The scammer will not go free.
Karma will deal with him.

Thank you for this awesome awareness. Its really very important to me. Thank you again and again. So sorry. May God replenish you will more than enough to replace what you have lost.


Lesson learnt the hard way are not easy to forget....

Sorry about the scam. Don't see it as a set back rather, see it as a lesson. And thanks for sharing.

This is really annoying. I am so sorry you had to go through that. Can't you retrieve his number from the chat and give proper exposure to this fraudster? Wow. It is well.

I can see this post is doing great already. Thanks to everyone.

sorry dear... i hope others don't fall victim of this too

Shine your eyes korokoro
A lesson learnt
Upvoted with my little SP

Sorry dear.
He'll get what's coming to him.
Thanks for sharing, at least people would learn from this.

I thinksenddaan email STATING his Username and situation so steemit to punish him how you check am

Oh no!..... Not Juliet. Not after all the hard work and night writing.

I was stupid, I know
I was careless, I know

You were not foolish neither were you careless. Every labourer deserves a reward for their efforts. Your decision to sell wasn't foolishness, the scammer is the foolish person here for reaping where he had not sown.

My dear, I am very sorry for your lost.

dear @julietisrael,This is important to understand, Sorry about ur loss sister.It’s good you made the post immediately

So sorry for the painful experience my dear Juliet. As a one time victim of scam, I know how you felt the moment it happened.

Babe shine ur eye now.

This is so terrible! So sorry about that...i dont know what those lazy idiots gain in scamming people...gosh! He will never go unpunished...

Sorry for your loss dear

Sorry dear

so sad...20 is something..why dont you transact with blocktrades and convert fiat money in your local exchangers...dont you have one?

sorry for the lost ..just be more careful next time

Praise God!!
You have got your SBD back!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x


Thanks so much
I really do appreciate you....

Thanks be to God....
Bear hugs....

so sorry about your loss. thank you for sharing.

I'm really sorry to hear that.
But I'm happy to see the support you are getting from the community in return. That's pretty amazing!


I was amazed as well....

Thanks much also for your support as well

I have come to airhawk to buy. On two ocasions, the sellers dealt with me on PM. But dear, after the discussion and bargain i told them to come to the open room to tell me their account. So we may do private negotiation but when it comes to the money aspect, everybody should be aware.. You are fine already, but for him, God will judge him. He may even be among those who will comment and console you. Please take care

I just came online now and saw this, am so sorry dear, i hope you recover it all,




I almost got scammed by one guy yesterday too, he is now going around looking for steemit account to buy.

Lets be careful please

ouch! sorry this happened to you.. How can we avoid this i don't know! What were the signs that people should look out for..?

Ouch! That hurts a lot...Pele! I’m sure you’ll make it back with this post. Cheers

Disheartening and painful, I hope that you recover from this!❤❤💓💓💓💓