Swiscoin "rep" threatens me with lawsuit - because I said that they stole a SuperNET graphic and are using it on their site!

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The above is the warning I gave about swiscoin. In the comments you will see how a swiscoin advocate is attempting to silence me with threats of lawsuits.

I think I will need a legal defense fund!


############### copy of current comments

1[-]megathron21 · 2 hours ago
Sure avoid it while over 65000 people are making money on it including myself ))
They took few images and you call them scammers. You a .....big headed i...... Check info before posting crap online. That coin already being traded on 2 markets and more are coming now. Check - it is in top 40 Crypto-currencies in the world already .

[-]jl77761 · 49 minutes ago
Do you not understand they stole SuperNET graphics without any permissions given? and presented as their own?! If such behavior is acceptable for you, it seems you have no sense of what is right and what is wrong.

You made a free account just to post this garbage, it is quite revolting.

[-]megathron21 · 26 minutes ago
Stealing few images is one thing and calling a multi million crypto currency company a fraud is another. None professional and idiotic statement. And by the way , making such false accusation is against a law and if management of Swiscoin decides to take legal action against you, don't be surprised afterwards. I will make they see this site with false accusations and i am sure they will take some actions against you and than you can blabber about your stolen images to someone and see who will get punishment more ))) .. Millions of companies steal images and other crap from each other and i dont see anyone calling them a scammers. I will pass them on to take your stupid images down to make sure you don't get in up you a...every time you see it. I.....t!!!



Usually, when I go "against a law", I just get a letter in the mail. There is no warning. It's like the guy who says, "I'm going to kick your ass". He's not the guy you need to worry about. It's the guy that just walks up and punches you without notice that you need to worry about.

I think you'll be OK. ;)

I think I will need a legal defense fund!

Yah right; like they're going to follow through with a real lawsuit anytime soon. /sarcasm

Thanks for putting out the warning a week ago.

I will check my mailbox every day for the certified papers to arrive.

The typical behavior for scam companies is to first deny they have done anything wrong. If that doesnt work, then they attack anyone and everyone. When you see this bullying behavior, then it is a very clear warning sign. It is a new twist to claim that since everybody is stealing from everybody else that it is ok for swiscoin to steal.

I guess using that logic, it will be ok for swiscoin to steal from their investors too?

If they stole the SuperNet logos, then they are capable of stealing a few more things from other people.
Better stay away ....

is what they stole, it is rotating in the background on their main blog site http://blog.swiscoin.com/

The guy proves himself to be a moron.

Stealing few images is one thing and calling a multi million crypto currency company a fraud is another. None professional and idiotic statement.

Lol so he thinks it is professional and fitting for a legit business to steal images. He is either an idiot himself, in denial or a combination of the two.

Sadly this kind of attitude is prevalent in crypto. From his point of view you insulted his coin. Best to ignore the morons.

This is why I avoid places like BTC talk unless I have to - it is full of this kind of stuff. If you point out obvious problems with a coin the cheerleaders will start attacking you.

They should provide their artist name or proof. If they claim they did the work.

considering it is in the SuperNET OP for years, has SuperNET and jl777 in the graphic, not sure how they can prove they are innocent. in any case they admit to stealing it,since stealing it is perfectly normal and acceptable. Pointing out that it is stolen,however is not acceptable in their universe.

I am curious what sort of investment returns are likely in their upside down universe

not worth to waste time with such people, or maybe for entertainment purposes.

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