Imposter Scam Alert

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@hanshotfirst here on Steemit is a great writer and good guy. However, there is an imposter on who is trying to use his good name to scam people. There may be other account imposters too, so watch for a few signs.

  • On Steemit, @hanshotfirst has a good grasp of the English language. His doppelganger on chat does not.
  • On Steemit, @hanshotfirst is not broke, and clearly has no need of 20 SBD. On chat, the evil twin is penniless.
  • On Steemit, @hanshotfirst apparently understands the ecosystem. The clone on chat has no clue.

Go give the real @hanshotfirst a follow. Watch out for the fraudster version on or its kin, and avoid them like the plague. Screenshots are spliced together and included below for clarity. I'll keep toying with this scammer, and if anything entertaining gets added to the conversation, I will also post that screenshot in the comments.


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Thank you so much for catching this! As much as I do love to wear both steem and SBD (not sure how that would actually work though), this is clearly an imposter.

All kidding aside, I am going to resteem this so everyone is aware to avoid this scammer.

Thank you!!!!

We thought that your imposter would be @hanshotsecond @hanshotthird or @hanshotlast. lol

If you haven't already, check out @yusaymon's post too.

Well I guess that is a sign of fame @hanshotfirst! Out of all Steemians to pick on the scammer choose one who deftly handles the English language like a rapier, to give clear contrast to his post-ESL grip of a sledgehammer poorly wielded. Sorry to hear you are a victim of attempted identity theft but hey, at least you get to wear your Steem:-)...wait that sounds like a "emperor with no clothes thing" quick change to the SBD!

And how does one use the same user name as you are using i thought websites do no allow users to register using a user name that's in use

Oh didn't notice he removed the u and replaced it with an L

Thanks for bringing this to our notice. This user has been banned permanently few mins ago from :)

:o I've resteemed too!

Sadly this is not the first, nor the last time we see scammers like this one. Luckily they are so bad at the scamming that it's extremely easy to know that you are talking to an imposter.

lol "i want to wear it".

Do you use chats and recommend them? I'm getting bad stories from them this week but I don't use them to know what's going on. is a good place to meet other Steemians and promote your content or discuss ideas in various channels. It's linked in the drop-down menu next to your portrait icon at the top right of the page. Just use some caution when someone direct-messages you, and keep your scam radar running.

Yes, I used it a few times on the post promo board over there, but like you say - I get a bunch of strange messages from it :)

The closest I can get to wearing Steem is the shirt @papa-pepper made.

The homoglyph is an l for the i in "first." I didn't catch that at first. Imagine people not looking for it!

good catch! I missed that detail as well.

it's pathetic what some people will do for money :/

oh no!
i want to wear it

Utterly shameless. You can click on the image for a full-screen view.


jahahahahahahahhaah lol ^-^