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in scam •  last year

I have been informed there is an account on claiming to be me and also claiming to be selling my votes.

I do not sell votes but give them away for participating in contests and other important value propositions for the community.

If this imposter or anyone else approaches you to say they will give you an upvote from my account they are wrong. The only way to get a vote from me is to be one of the people holding beyondbit tokens. And people who have beyondbitd either earned them...or bought them from someone else who did.

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Hello, @fuzzyvest, I’m a poet (author of 7 books) looking to bring some beauty & thought to Steemit. Out of curiousity, what are beyondbit tokens?

PS — Below, is a collage of my original sayings:


@fuzzyvest Yes! There are scammers on there user names always end with. (dot). Thanks for telling us this.


Hi nice to hear from you about this
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Thanks for the update. As they say....Mo Money, Mo Problems!

I had been try to chat their discord, but i unable to got any reply,,, sad @fuzzyvest

Thanks a lot for the info....this will save a life

fuzzyvest sorry to hear that,i think you just report them to the steemcleaner,

he once contacted me at but I did not mind anyone I did not know.

this is really bad , why would one participate in this kind of act

ya, i almost fell for one claiming to be @motler, what they do is look atwhales and check if they have a username on if not the sign up with one or some variation and then tell people to check their steemit account for prove of voting power.

and How to get a Witness vote from you? Given that some of the Witnesses that you are supporting are now inactive... Would you consider moving to more active ones :) i am running a server hosted by Google for last 2 and half months, active witness rank 88, hav not missed a single block... thanks for your consideration


so your original steemit chat what naman

hey @fuzzyvest can you just give me a tad bit of insight on beyondbit tokens? i have no idea what it is but im just searching around trying to find my way here to financial abundance. Each bit of insight and advise is appreciated. steemit has been incredible to me so far and im super thankful. id love to understand how to earn these tokens.

What a bad friend, you have to be careful with that. I hope you follow us in our movie blog and give us a vote to our post. @ leonelgv26

@fuzzyvest thanks for the heads up, unfortunately there are always people like that - hope you can keep them at arms length

@fuzzyvest that's not good at all.

So bad scammers..

crime must be immediately eradicated. it can damage your good name, hopefully not until.
greetings from me

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boss Your new followers me.
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Well this is a lame scenario. Who actually has time to fake being some one else. They could be building upon who they are as a person instead.
If you provide something useful the people will eventually find you. Greatness cannot hide forever.


4 months ago when I first started on this platform, I commented this. I still stand by my statement.

Thanx for telling.. and its good you don't sell your votes... I don't know why many of the whales have started selling votes and created bots... due this selling pattern many of the bullshit contents also get voted while I think the reward pool is for betterment of steemit... and whales should be giving their votes to good content only... thats the only way all the whales can help us (All minnows)...

What contests?

It's a good thing I'm not looking for Up-Votes..
Just stopping by to help spread my P.C. Theory...

COIN MAN by @pocketechang

Good evening friend excellent publication, I follow you, if you can help me with some vote in my blog. regards

postingan yang bagus dan bermanfaat good luck
salam kenal dari saya

oh this is really bad thanks for sharing this update

I would like to buy some beyondbit tokens, Can you give me a link or source where can I buy them

lol............I don't have time to distinguish between the unfortunate and the incompetent.

hi,what is beyondbit ?how I get it ?

I realize beyondbitcoin is bitshares ,right ?I have some bitshares 。

Thank you very much for the information. Very unfortunate if anyone is fooled. But I keep trying hard to get your attention. I really love this steemit. Because here I can find people who have a very high social sense in appreciating every original work and society steemit. Forgive me if your time is disturbed in reading my comments this. Sorry if I'm wrong, because I use google translation.

Great post .thanks to post tour point of view
Check my posts if you dont mind

That's annoying. Sorry to hear that. Well nice to know. Often imitated. NEVER duplicated :)

Thank you always for coming to us with all that is new and wonderful, good luck brother. Can you view the articles I publish, I hope you like it

oh so sad, why these bullshit people are making hurdles in the way of good people who are trying support this community by doing good work?
I am with you and supporting you for your good work @fuzzyvest

You should contact with steemit support to flag fake account and block him.

upvute of me

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thanks for letting everyone know! I am planning to create a video about all big accounts that get copied and scammed. I think it is very important to bring it to attention and let everyone know :)) Let me know if you are available for a chat about it! Alla

thanx for informing ,, too many scamers around

We all know who the real fuzzy is :) Thanks for the alert!

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hi Dear fuzzyvest
your post is very lovely
please come on my blog

Please VOTE let me add the spirit to make his post

this happens very often. use not only you but also other whales. it is a pity that there are such scams: (
Guys, the main thing is always to keep your secrets secret. A real whale will never ask you for a password from your account (your blog).
@fuzzyvest Thank you for notifying the users and me :-)

It's awful that people do that such of things! Keep up the good work!
I am new on Steemit so I'd really love to make some friends here! If you want for us to support each other, please show me some love on my account and I will make sure I keep reading your lovely articles! :)

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Very interesting friends

thanks for the info

lots of scammers out there anyways will take care of this ....thanks for sharing this post :)

i need help brother

Are you there ?@fuzzyvest
i want to ask you some questions but i do not find your steemitchat .. sorry if i bother you.
thank you !

excellent friend You have my support. I hope to count on your support to keep growing. regards

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Thanks for the heads up.
So much of this kind of stuff going on. Why don't people just focus their energy on providing some good content and earn money that way instead


Jesus dan i dont know. Makes sense to me to put that effort into working on something u believe in. I kean its the same energy you put in either way!


Please VOTE let me add the spirit to make his post

hi, @fuzzyvest. i am Kailin. follow and upvote done.

Good to know that you are not selling upvotes. We are so tired of people doing so. There are so many people who want just to profit from the traffic of steem instead of building communities and supporting people.

Lamentablemente en esta y otras plataformas siempre hay gente con la intención de hacer trampa, eso está mal porque contamina la plataforma... Espero que poco a poco el ecosistema se limpie para que solo tenga miembros reales y no miembros falsos para hacer un trabajo meritorio.
Es bueno que no vendas tu voto, amigo.
Te felicito por hacer el bien.
Saludos desde Venezuela.
Always on this and other platforms there are always people with the intention of cheating, that's wrong because it pollutes the platform... I hope that little by little the ecosystem is cleaned so that it only has real members and not fake members to do a meritorious job.
It's good that you don't sell your vote, friend.
Congratulations on doing good.
Greetings from Venezuela.

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