BEWARE: I Was Just Scammed By A Fake Online Wallet Service

in #scam4 years ago (edited)

Today i transferred Dash to a seemingly nice and simple online wallet A day later I have a balance of 0 in my account and the blockchain explorers stated that my transaction was completed Xqta9hc2TH73c4h4f5QJHacUPfKn7BJqwY
^^This is the ID of my previous wallet which is still active
^^ This is the scam wallet I sent my money to
^^ This is the transaction completed on the blockchain
^^This is my current wallet status as I am writing this post

Upon further investigation this site is a noted scam and another scam wallet is associated with the same owner I have done research and found the email of the person who registered the website [email protected] and the address associated with the registration which is a post office in new york but in the registration it says NV instead of NY. I am going to contact the website host to have the websites taken down and and I have emailed the site owner. I will stick to using desktop wallets from now on I have learned my lesson the hard way.

If anyone can contact the website host at [email protected] and report these websites this would help alot the more emails the better so we can shut this scammer down and save other people from this disaster.

I have also contacted the host of my original wallet to see if the money can be returned talks are still continuing currently with support.

If anyone has a kind enough heart and has some dash please spread the word as much as you can and please donate whatever amounts you can to


I will be making an update soon on further information thank you for reading have a great day. Stay safe.


I had bitcoin disappear from an online wallet on two different occasions. It was there and then magically moved out somehow. Wasn't even a scam site. I won't use online wallets except as a temporary necessity for buying or selling.

Yea man its terrible its quick money for them and I found out that this wallet has been around forever and the host thats running it is also shady so theres a whole crazy corrupt empire of fake wallets and shady hosts chilling on the main page of some google searches