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If you are checking coinmarketcap.com as I do, there is a high probability that you have seen CRYPTO CLONE banner

slika 1.jpg
On their site you can see this: "CryptoClone LLC is an online investment firm that allows clients to invest a range of over 200 cryptocurrencies to double their Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more!"

Their promise - get 350% profit in 300 hours.
My question - are you kidding with me?

This information is enough to think this is a scam and the only question you have to set up is HOW BIG IS THIS SCAM?

After doing some calculations I realized that (and I am not kidding) if you invest $100 today in less than 230 days you will get about $621.5 BILLION. In other words:
• you will be 9 times wealthier than Bill Gates
• you can have your own space shuttle plus dozens of private islands and airplanes
• (if you have those affinities) you can buy everything Austrian citizens have produced in a year and a half (Austrian GDP is less than a 400 billion dollars).

Although I didn’t plan to write all of this, I couldn’t resist. So, analysis continues...

What we know about this site?

(or to golden goose)

  1. Address, phone and email are not published!

  2. Facebook page doesn't exist (you can find a link on google, but the content isn't available).Screenshot_6.jpg

  3. They do not have any strategy or assets which means you do not know how they invest and if they loose, would you get money back?

  4. It is a HYIP (High-yield investment program) – kind of Ponzi scheme. The investor will be paid only if there are new members-investors. In order to increase community they have an affiliate program (“allows investors to refer family and friends to the platform, offering 5% cryptocurrency lifetime commission on all of their investments”).

  5. Server is located in Bulgaria. Fake cryptocurrency Onecoin also comes from this country. Isn’t that indicative?

If you are interested to read more please consider @coinhawk who wrote an excellent analysis of crypto clone.


Cryptoclone pays advertising. It has banners and positive reviews. Also, bots are promoting Cryptoclone on sites and try to pull in newbies and those who do not know much about this kind of scams.
However, every day appear new negative comments. They do not answer on email and of course, do not pay.
slika 3.jpgScreenshot_5.jpg

You can check bitcoin talk forum:

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Also, share your findings. Which cryptos are fake? Have you ever invest in Ponzi scheme?

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Golden Rule of Life:

If it sounds too good to be true. It VERY PROBABLY is.


Upvoted and gave you more than a 7 dollars. Can you please resteem this post in return? :)


great post! thank you for letting us know about this scam, my dads friend sent 19,000$ to a scam called onecoin, very sad:(, followed


Sorry to hear that. As you can see, CryptoClone and Onecoin are from the same country, Bulgaria. I will research scams more in next week and if I find something interesting I will share i with you. Stay tuned!

At the VERY LEAST for any unknown service provider requiring money to be sent to them...google the name of the service with a keyword like 'scam' (or similar) to ensure there aren't any negative reviews already up on the internet.

When I first started to buy crypto I did the following:

  1. Internet search on company name with keywords to ensure there weren't any negative reviews
  2. A check of the company using a central register (available in the UK) to ensure they were registered and financially solvent
  3. I prefer to work with companies which have a collection of good ratings via established third party trust sites
  4. Even after having done the checks above I will ALWAYS perform a couple of transactions for small amounts to ensure I understand the process and that the transactions have been carried out in a transparent and timely manner

It's up to all of us as individuals to perform as much 'due diligence' as we can.


1000% correct. If I see something which sounds too good to be true... I dont even bother reading further. 'DELETE".. boing, gone.


Get the message out guys, we don't need people turning away from crypto because of scams!


thanks alot @cryptogirl
that s will help alot of steemians to avoid deal with those scamers


Red and upvoted! @bassemm
Thank you for sharing this story.
Keep on. Steem on.


hahahah that guy invested 20 BTC how naive

Congratulations @cryptogirl1!
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Thank you. I am writing new post. Follow me, and soon you will have a possibility to read great article about crypto market.

Thank you very much for this information! You are a good lady! ;p


Glad you find it valuable. :D
Resteem this post, please. I would like to be seen by many members of our community.

LTCgear anyone? 😳

Good post again @cryptogirl1.
Let's fight against them!!!


Thank you a lot. Will try to meet your expectations.

Thanks for the heads up.
I just typed up a quick post (nowhere as intricate as yours) warning people about ponzi schemes.
Hopefully this helps a few people.

Upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Please look into it.
And if you understand this site and upvoting and downvoting i would be very happy.
But shit and scam post have to be near 0 SBD value.
I would be happy if my shit gets 0SBD value.

I send you 0.2SBD for resteem my 2 post.
But you do not need to do only because i pay into the dark. ;-)

I thought the same thing but ive been paid twice and yea i agree it sounds to good to be true. trust me i should know i lost a lot of money with altcoiner what never heard of it well i would say look it up but YOU CAN'T they ran off in the middle of the night with all my bitcoin. but this is an american based company that have to fall in order with the american laws ... hopefully .. but i don't think there going to keep the 350% over 300 hr its just to draw in a more investors now be warned i never said i trust them i dont want to lose my money again so rule #1 never ives't more than you can afford to lose I put in 6$ yea not a lot of money if its gone its only six bucks ill live but after the first payment I took out my 6 dollars and put the rest back in . so i have no money now invested its all interest earned so if the took the damn money i wouldn't be happy but technically i've lost nothing. think what you may thats fine but after you get your money back you have nothing to lose with no work in so do what you want check it out for your self by no am i personally endorsing but if you make a couple buck and get out while your a head don't get greedy and you will do fine https://cryptoclone.com/?r=12746

Thanks for the warning... I have only recently heard of cryptoclone.. Resteemed, hope some others avoid the scams..its a shame, they give a bad name and make it harder for the legit ones to gain mainstream adoption.

also followed/upvoted. looking forward to your posts @cryptogirl1

Good constructive information...thanks @cryptogirl1

eekk scary! Thanks for the info.


You're welcome.

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interesting ... i invest another hyip site "vixice"
I posting vixice

thank you for warning people.

I made a small donation 45 days ago to test out the legitimacy of the website and as I thought I received nothing in return. Good post hope my testimony adds a bit of validity.