Disbursement: 2017-12-02

in scam •  last year

Hey, Neoxian here. I handed out a bunch of money today, felt a little like an early Santa Claus. I'm not going to get fancy, here is the table:

positivechange1075 steem
coolbowser44 SBD
Imperfect-one44 SBD
stackin75 steem
D-pend44 SBD
fiveboringgames44 SBD
xyzashu35 SBD
armshippie14 SBD
alexvan44 SBD
mlequo75 steem
wilx17.5 steem
edolo66.5 steem
whatsup35 SBD
naysayer21 steem
joeblack144 SBD
cikxaijen14 SBD
amreshchandra44 SBD
an0nkn0wledge35 SBD
blockgators44 SBD
ratticus44 SBD
simnrodrguez44 SBD
cotarelo44 SBD

Anyone who received less then 44 SBD or less then 75 steem means that they got fully paid off, congrats to them.


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You are Santa indeed for doing this. In real world people bail out banks, in Steem banks bail out people. Well Played Santeoxian!

it's an act of generosity, but it shows the nobility of our witness @neoxian , thankyou very much

Wow. That was quite a gesture. I got an idea. I think I can do that also in my little way as part of Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration, business buddy :-)

Thanks so much. I really appreciate what you all are doing. Thanks again

Thanks alot for organising all this. I love when you see communities come together like this.

You're very generous ! Thank you very much !

Thank you Santa with all my love!

A pleasant surprise, you represent the best of humanity, God bless you.

Super nice! thank you very much!

Thank you for this effort, I'm sure it is well appreciated! Helps rebuild trust in our fellow Steemians! @ironshield