!!! FexFund has FAILED!!! & of course, it's everybody's fault but theirs...

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Dang, FexFund down!!! Uh oh, but don’t worry, they apologize for losing all your money. I was just there yesterday, I was uncomfortable that the only ways to give them USD was from sources not available in the USA; with the exception of Bitcoin.
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FexFund Fail
Due to this fear, which is based on my lost of over $1000 to the evil narcissistic chav over at BitcoinsBrain; I had decided to allocate my funds to AMBIS which has a business office in Delaware, US; and that’s supposed to make me feel safer.

I only had $26.87 left of BTC when BitcoinsBrain robbed me. I put that into FexFund and was fortunate that it grew to be $38.56 in 6 weeks (I think that is 31% growth* if I’m incorrect, please school me.); and that I removed it from FexFund yesterday, 7/26/2017 And have placed it in the trusty hands of AMBIS.
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If this AMBIS fund works out to be stable, perhaps I’ll put my Litoshi in it as well; currently I’m just 80000 shy of a full LTC. I’m getting that from two laptops and one tv simply running videos 24/7 using EarnCrypto. (AMBIS doesn’t accept LTC)
I’m clearing about a dollar USD a day just with the videos running, that’s my lottery ticket money, lol. There are other ways to earn coin here at EarnCrypoto, I’m too A.D.H.D. to complete them, but my O.C.D. can watch videos all day, lol.

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I’m harvesting LTC for now, but am considering XRP. Ripple has done me good in the past, it is a good solid coin er uh, asset. I understand that assets shouldn’t bounce all over the place, they should be steady and keep their value. Ripple does that, and furthermore, if XRP were a stock on the Nasdaq, it’d have a value of around $52.36 per share. That number is derived from taking the top 10 healthiest stocks and getting a mean; it might be lower or higher, but it’s in that range somewhere.
I was there when it went from .03 to .045; I had thousands. Then it dropped to .03 and I panicked and sold most of it. Several weeks later I bought in at .17 and sold at .35; then at .15 and sold at .30. Now I have some I got at .17 and I’m holding on to it, I’d advise you to buy some too. It’s a good investment for a coin, it isn’t going to beat Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it’s always going to be hanging with them in the top.
Assets are supposed to keep their value and adjust to inflation, they are also supposed to meet the needs in an emergency. It’s easier to use XRP than Gold (not sure on that fact). XRP is supposed to balance and adjust, so don’t freak out when it does. If a bank has assets of similar value in that it represents what the bank claims it’s worth, Ripple has the same. Ripple should be in the $20-$50 range today, giving Litecoin and Monero a run for their money!
Ripple is a bargain for .17 a share! I have some now, I’m going to buy some more soon.

It’s been 48 hours and WCX hasn’t yet credited me with my extra coin for performing the extra tasks. One task was for 50 coin, the other for 100 coin. I completed both tasks, yet my coin balance is at a mere 100 coin (given when I signed up), when it should be 250 coin. Boo hoo!

Look, I am a newbie trying to just keep up for now, so please excuse the any poor quality; lol, that covers everything doesn’t it, lol. The following video is just a wrap up of the above three.


In closing, I want to welcome @nettikisses to Steemit. She is an extraordinary woman and will bless all she encounters (she is also my wife).