WOW look who was right!

Good write up? LMAO your an idiot he ruined it for everyone who could have jumped in 9 months ago made 100s of thousands if not Millions if you put the right cash in and then simply jumped out today

Wow what a FOOL you are

haha look at it now! Who is the FOOL?!

@btemtd guess who looks like an idiot now. The scam just closed.

hahaha yes!! Exactly!

That was a good article and great call. Reading through comments several agreed with you, meaning on average there are lots of smarts here ;-)

Many opposing views still have 25 reputation means, they only come here to disagree, then they stopped posting.

You should post more often, you have lots to offer.
In another of your 9 months old post you liked DASH/NEM/PIVX. Do you have any changes here, maybe a new favorite?

Honestly, after all the toxicity and insults on this article and people putting their referral links for BCC in the comments, I was very discouraged to post here anymore. I have better stuff to do in life than getting called an idiot by, to put it lightly, less than intelligent people.

Regarding the 3 cryptos, like I said in my original post, PIVX might fall behind because of the lack of dedication from the developers and the fact that DASH had a head start. It looks like this has been the case over the last 9 months, so I would not recommend it at the moment. It did grow since I recommended it, so it was not a loss, but those money could have been better invested elsewhere, but it was a shot worth taking at the time, and I didn't have much invested in it compared to the other 2.
I have lots of other cryptos I'm invested in, but I'm not a financial advisor and some people even shit on those recommendations with completely wrong information, so I don't plan on making any more recommendations. If you want an example, you can read allthatmoney's comment on this post.

Hey I understand and thanks for the answer.

I didn't ask to get trade recco, I'm not trading and investing, for next 12 months I will just try to collect some Steem (powering up) and part I'm sending to Bitshares and converting to BTS and that's it.

As newcomer (latecomer) I'm fascinated with blockchain technology but also overloaded with all the info available and all the new technoligies that are being built on top of blockchain and I'm just looking for directions, where to focus to and what to learn more about, that's why i asked, but I understand you. And the guy you mentioned, well his reputation is not doing too well ;-)

I like the graphene technology so I will definitely try to devote some of my time to try to learn more about it in the coming months.

Closed you said? I checked their site. It is not closed?! :)

The site stopped all investment operations and is permanently closing all activities except being a BCC wallet after 5 days of the announcement. The investors were paid in BCC coins, at a price of over 350 per coin, but the coins are worth $37 now, and it's extremely hard to sell them anywhere because no one wants them.

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