▲ ▴ Steem.Camp kicking of today near Frankfurt, Germany

in sc2018 •  5 months ago

We are prepared and hitting the road!
See you later today!

We will be on site from 15:00

Looking forward to camp with you!

Freizeitpark "Vulkan" in Nieder-Moos im Vogelsberg near Fulda.
Freizeitpark Vulkan: https://www.google.com/maps?q=Freizeitpark+Vulkan
Steem.Camp Location: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Steem.Camp/@50.4623696,9.3826041,17zU

In any case, check out our Discord for help and updates

Steem.Camp 2018 from 22nd - 26th of August at Fulda

Wednesday to Sunday. Four nights, of community-organized steem creativity camp. Come with your tent, your bus, or just a sleeping bag and stay in one of four Tipis.

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Should @double-u come over ;-)? Wäre zumindest in der Nähe und ziemlich ziemlich geil :)!


Oh, das sehe ich ja jetzt erst ;-) Danke für das "ziemlich geil"! ;-)

Ich hab' aber andere Verabredungen in dieser Zeit.

Aber irgendwann trinken wir mal im "echten" Leben ein Bierchen zusammen ;-)

Viel Spaß euch allen dort!

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

See you there ;-) we are around 2pm on the camp 👍have a safe trip

Ich wünsch euch viel Vergnügen und top Wetter!
Wenn alles klappt, sehen wir uns Samstag :)

Schlaft mal gut :D

Have a great time and lots of fun! :D

A cutter and duct tape? Is that a "build your own tent"-pack?

Have a good time everyone!

have fun all!! i hope to see some nice posts about the event

I'll be there somewhat later but quite before sunset!

Wir sehen uns am Freitag!

Se ve un lugar maravilloso para descansar y relajarnos con nuestras familias @steem.camp. Espero disfruten todos los que a partir de hoy estarán en el @steem.camp

Viel Spass Euch!!

happy camping! unfortunately i'm already on a campsite in the north of holland and heading for poland this weekend. Wish you a great week and not so much mosquitoes.