Remember, remember last November!

in sc2018 •  2 months ago

Yesterday, at Steem.Camp I premiered a short Steemfest² Documentary

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.31.09.png

Please enjoy

Hope to see you all again in Krakau

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Ooh, there's me playing my ukulele :) I have lots of happy memories of Lisbon and I'll be at SF3

Hope to see you too but before i see you again please give me a upvote
Thank you

was a great sneakpeak for me to go up into steemfest 3.
thanks for sharing it.

That Korean woman is beautiful. A ten in my book.

Beautiful video man! I'm currently working on my version of Steemfest 2 as well.
Should be out in a few days! :D