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SiaCoin ( SC 0.92% ) reached the bottom where it looks like solid concrete 0.00% and there is not any room left for the further down, we have seen hundreds of analysis on SiaCoin, I think this is the last analysis before it shoots to the moon, The Fibonacci retracement showing that there is potential 800% growth possible even just touching the last time high, and if it goes more above it may be 1000%. All the targets are marked in the analysis.

Please note that: This analysis is for education purpose only, I'm neither a financial analyst not advisor, so this is not any financial advice, Please do your own research and own decision, I will not be responsible for your any of your losses at all.

To know more about siaCoin please visit their website at:

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Sia coin is based on a cloud storage service, I believe it has huge potential for growth 👍 it's the only cryptocurrency currently dedicated to cloud storage. I have already invested and will be buying more 😎 no risk no rewards...peace out @crypto-expo


It is at the bottom now, I don't think it will go below this point, Thanks for the comment, please follow my telegram channel at:!


You're right, we may be at a low right now but the whole market is volatile. Don't know what's going to happen in the next year, so my thought is to invest for the long-term and never second guess.


Sia isn't unique, it already has "competitor in storj"
Here is nice comparison on reddit:

It definately has room to grow :)


lol, even when a coin is dead, it really isn't if there are nodes out there. Looks like a penny stock. So risky!


It is in very low value now though, in rank 46 in total coin market out of 1000's coins, check their website for more details..