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John Maxwell says: "Charisma takes you to the top but character keeps you there." José had to go through a process to be formed (13 years) because if the dreams are bigger than the dreamer, the dream crushes him; that is why God cares that we form our character. We go through different places before reaching our dream; Joseph went through the well, the house of Potiphar and the prison, until he arrived at the palace. It's worth fighting for your dream!


Work for your dream

While in prison José interprets the dream of two prisoners: the baker and the cupbearer. The cupbearer tells him: "Pharaoh's cup was in my hand, and I took the grapes and squeezed them in Pharaoh's cup, and I gave the cup into Pharaoh's hand." To this Joseph said: "In three days they will raise you up." The other dreamed with three baskets, and said: "in 3 days they will kill you". The first worked on his dream; we see that he repeated "the cup" three times: "the cup was in my hand", "squeezed the grapes in the cup" and "put the cup in Pharaoh's hand". Joseph saw the reiteration and also saw the actions: "he took, squeezed and put", that gave him the certainty that the cupbearer would return to his post with Pharaoh.

Because God's formula is: work = promotion. The second did nothing, that's why he was not promoted. All that Joseph did during his life was work. He worked in the house, in the prison and in the palace. Pharaoh used him as a minister; because there is a blessing of promotion for the one who works.

Pharaoh also dreamed: "fat and thin cows": they represent abundance and poverty. Both were together; sorcerers could not understand how poverty and wealth could be together. When Joseph was called to interpret the dream he said: "It is not me, it is God who is in the matter."

Working for your dream energizes you, if you do not get depressed, because there is a spiritual DNA, God says to you: "I want you to get up and work". Announce that Pharaoh is going to promote you.

Wheat is a symbol of the Word of God

Joseph, when he spoke to him about the wheat, said to him: "Put together all the provisions of these good years to come, and gather the wheat for the maintenance of the cities; and save it. José told Pharaoh to save a fifth of the production: "save 20% and eat 80% of the wheat".

Wheat is a symbol of the Word of God, Joseph wanted to tell Pharaoh the following: "Pharaoh you have to do as I did, I kept a word in my heart and another I applied it. I will not have skinny cows in my life, because the Word will always feed me! "

The brothers came to Joseph to ask for food. They did not recognize him but José did. What does this mean? Your family will not recognize you from so many blessings that God will give you!

Praise wakes you up and takes away the bitterness of the heart

José comes to the past again and says: "you are spies"; Joseph sent them three days imprisoned. And then he ordered them to bring Benjamin because he thought: "If they wanted to kill me, my little brother sure too, or maybe they killed him". Joseph wanted to recover his brother (that is why he had him put the silver cup in the wheat sack) but God wanted to restore the whole family.

When one of his brothers said to him: "If we do not return with our brother, our father will die of sadness, because he has already lost another son". There Jose woke up, his spirit's eyes opened; after thirteen years he met those who had thrown him into the well and embraced them all!

The brother who spoke with Joseph was Judah which means: "praise"; This made Joseph wake up. When you praise God, God wakes you up, takes away your hatred! to be able to forgive and reconcile with those who threw you in the well.

Jesus told Satan "the Lord your God you will worship," when you praise, Satan has to go. What was divided becomes united, the broken is reconstructed, the sick are healed. Joseph said: "you thought badly against me but God changed it for good".

Joseph gave Benjamin 300 silver coins, each slave was bought with 30 coins, and José gave him 300, because with that amount he was freeing all his brothers, there he was forgiving the other 10, with this symbol he forgave what he made. God will give you "300 coins" so that you can release all those who have hurt you.

He also had two sons, Manasseh "the Lord made me forget" and Ephraim "the Lord made me prosper". Because if you do not forget and forgive first, you do not reach the top and you fall on the other side.

"When José dreamed, he first dreamed about the sheaves and then the stars. Went from less to more". On the contrary, when Pharaoh dreamed, he first dreamed of fat cows and then of skinny cows, that is, he went from "more to less". The "pharaohs", that is, the people who do not have God in their hearts, always go from "more to less"; but the children of God are like the light of the dawn that increases until the day is perfect ".

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It's worth fighting for your dream! This is beautiful @yridelys, we have the motivation in Christ who motivates us through his word not to decay and fight until we persevere and reach the promises that He has promised us.
Thanks for sharing.

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