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Mike Murdock says that the concept we have about time will determine if our passage through life will be productive. "The biggest difference between the poor and the powerful, the unemployed and the employed, the successful and the unsuccessful, the poor and the rich, is the opinion they have about time." Time is the only natural gift that comes from birth. And about that, I think most of us wear that precious gift in small imbecilities and in what others think of us.
Our passage through the earth is very short and we do not have the chance of a second shot. If we asked the apostle Peter if he would be able to walk on the water again, even knowing that he would sink again, he would say:
-Of course, just to feel again his strong arms, in the middle of the sea.


In these years, I have been indebted several times and I have made other mistakes. I risked, I lost and I won. I've talked about more and also less. I have had successes and failures. But if I could be 15 years old again, I would do exactly the same thing, without omitting a single detail, simply to return to feel the providence of the Lord at every step.

On the other hand, I am convinced that the Lord can speak to us in different ways, through the Bible, a preaching, a film, a song, or whatever God wants to use. And many years ago, God did it through an incredible poem by Jorge Luis Borges, which he called "Instants," although he would have allowed me the audacity to call him "Do not miss the now." It goes without saying that he was one of the best writers that ever existed, but without a doubt, I am surprised how he managed to reflect so many truths in so few lines. Ladies and gentlemen, come and see and then draw your own conclusions.

"If I could live my life again. Next time I would try to make more mistakes.
Do not try to be so perfect, I would relax more. I would be more foolish than I have been, in fact I would take very few things seriously. It would be less hygienic. I would run more risks, I would make more trips, I would contemplate more sunsets, I would climb more mountains, I would swim more rivers.
I would go to more places where I have never been, I would eat more ice cream and less beans, I would have more real and less imaginary problems.
I was one of those people who lived sensibly and prolifically every minute of his life; of course I had moments of joy.
But if I could go back I would try to have only good moments.
In case you do not know it, that's life, only moments; Do not miss the present.
I was one of those who never went anywhere without a thermometer, a hot water bottle, an umbrella and a parachute. If I could live again, I would travel lighter.
If I could live again, I would start barefoot in early spring and continue like this until the fall ends. I would go around in a merry-go-round, contemplate more dawns and play with more children, if I had life again in front of me.
But I'm 85 years old and I know I'm dying »

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There are so many instants that make up the life of the human being, so many memories that only some of those moments leave an indelible mark on the heart. They are those that connect with the affective memory through some special memory. Throughout life there are instants of love, personal moments marked by sadness, situations of professional success, instants of fear, moments marked by joy and hope ...
Thanks for sharing @yridelys.