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On one occasion I spent several weeks before the Lord, crying and crying out to Him for me give a message of consolation and hope for all the suffering believers here we work with drug addicts, alcoholics and homeless people, I have prayed like this:
"Lord, wherever I look I see pain, suffering, sorrow and tribulation. What message can I give to those in such appalling need? What is your word to them? No doubt you care about those souls. No doubt you want to give them a word that sets them free. "


The Lord has given me a word, and it is this: He has provided a way to strengthen all of his children to resist the enemy. This strength comes only from eating the Bread sent from heaven. And our health and spiritual strength depend on our eating of that Bread. Let us listen carefully, once again, to the words of Jesus: "I live by the Father; likewise, whoever eats me, he will also live for me "(John 6:57). Jesus had such intimate communion with the Father, and was so devoted to doing only the will of the Father, that the words of the Father were his food and drink every day. Jesus supported himself each day by listening and seeing what the Father desired; and that was as a result of spending a lot of time alone with Him.

Christ told his disciples: "I have a food to eat, which you do not know ...
My food is to do the will of the one who sent me, and to finish his work "(John 4: 32,34). He also instructed them: "Work, not for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you" (John 6:27). Do not give us the luxury to avoid this secret of strength: Just as Christ lived by the Father, so we must receive our life feeding on Christ.

A pleasant gentleman of eighty-six years of age wrote to our church, telling how he feeds and cares for his handicapped wife. They are too poor to pay a nursing home, and he is worried because he may die at any moment and there will be no one to take care of her. I say to that man: Do not despair! Lift up your eyes, and drink in the presence of Christ. Let the Holy Spirit nourish you with the manna of heaven. Involve Him; because He hears even the weakest cry. He promises to give himself as food for you. He will enter to the deepest part of his being with a renewed light and life.

God said that Christ is our Bread of life, from whom we receive life and sustenance. So, trust Him feeding on Christ, and God will give you strength!The wife of a farmer wrote to us saying that she was angry, perplexed and at the end of her patience because her family farm was about to go bankrupt. Her husband had worked hard, but the situation seemed dark and hopeless, and it seemed that no one cared. To that beloved sister I say: Get close to the Lord's table! Return to your source of life: the Bread of God!

The author of the letter to the Hebrews addresses some Christians saying that "the spoil of your goods you suffered with joy, knowing that you have in you a better and lasting inheritance in heaven" (Hebrews 10:34). Along with that author, I say: "Do not lose, then, your confidence, which has a great reward "(v. 35). Do not leave the Lord's table to sulk in some dark corner. Wait on Him until you are satisfied; at the table of the Lord you will find everything you need for life and piety.

Nobody can take that Bread eternal and life-giving Live through Him! Eat of Christ and win!
To the divorced, to the unemployed, to the lonely, to the parents who suffer because their children have been lost, to those who are bound by sin and want to free themselves, I tell them: Have they been seeking help in the wrong places? Do what is obvious that you should do:
Return immediately to the presence of the Lord and seek Him with all your heart! Go back to eating the right spiritual food, and get rid of all the garbage. You will find the power and the strength you need when the life of the Lord enters you, measure the Bread of God.
I rejoice with those who are right to enjoy themselves, and I weep with those who mourn. But sometimes it seems to me that I hear the Spirit whispering to me: Do not suffer for Christians who have left my table. Do not cry for them or let their problems overwhelm you. They no longer pray or read my Word, while foolishly wasting hours and hours on themselves. Day after day they have forgotten me. They will continue to suffer until they return and eat the Bread that I have provided to heal and strengthen them.

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Proverbs 27: 7
"The sated man despises the honeycomb; But to the hungry all the bitter is sweet."
The Message puts the same verse in the following way: "When you are very full, you reject dessert; but when you're hungry you could eat a horse. "
We are also so saturated or full of things that we reject the honeycomb of God. We are not hungry for God.